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This dedicated Virginia election official once voted for Franklin Roosevelt

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Ruth Thompson (PHOTO: Dinwiddie County)

DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. — Ruth Thompson, 95, is Dinwiddie County’s longest serving election official. During Tuesday’s primary election, Thompson worked in the Registrar’s office. She wanted to manage a poll, but was unable to because she was out of town during the training session.

“My granddaughter had surgery and needed me to care for her three young children while she recovered,” Thompson, who recalled casting her first ever vote for Franklin Roosevelt, explained.

Thompson moved to Dinwiddie in 1974 and accepted a part-time position working in the Treasurer’s Office during tax season. From there she worked with the Commissioner of the Revenue and eventually the County Registrar. At age 80, she retired from the Registrar’s Office, but continued to serve as an election official.

Fifteen years later, Thompson is more active than most people one third her age, according to a county spokeswoman.

She is an avid bicycler. At 92 years of age, she trained and competed in the Senior Games, where she completed a 20k bike race in Houston, Texas. Up until two years ago (at 93 years old), she would bike from her home near Five Forks to White Oak Road regularly (18 miles round trip)! An accidental fall from her bike at 93, led to complete shoulder replacement. Her doctor ordered no more bicycling. It didn’t take long for Mrs. Thompson to adopt a new hobby….zip lining! After surgery, she was adamant with her physical therapist that she be able to raise both arms over her head in order to hold onto the zip line harness. Ruth continues to enjoy this activity each time she visits her family in Florida.

Meeting Mrs. Thompson is an absolute pleasure! Her bright smile, kind eyes, quick wit and enthusiasm for life inspire everyone with whom she comes in contact. After more than 38 years, Ruth Thompson has become synonymous with elections to many Dinwiddie voters, and Dinwiddie County is blessed to count her among its citizens