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After 11 years of service, how K-9 ‘Mokey’ leaves this world will touch your heart

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ATLANTA, Ga. — Police and sheriff’s deputies from across Georgia came together to honor the passing of an officer who never spoke a single word, but left a legacy some will never forget.

WGCL reports Sergeant Kirk Markham spent the past 11 years with his K-9 officer “Mokey,” who hardly ever left his side.


Sergeant Kirk Markham and ‘Mokey’ (SOURCE: WGCL)

At all hours they had to be ready for anything. Often it was a crime scene. “Mokey” had to help find key evidence, like shell casings. And he almost always did.

For more than a decade, they were an inseparable team, even running security sweeps at four Super Bowls. And when “Mokey” came down with arthritis last year and had to retire, Markham slept on a couch for the final few months to make sure his fellow officer was able to get outside and use the bathroom.

“We’re with them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” says Markham. “They’re still there. They give us unconditional love. And they always come to work, no matter what.”

Finally, in the last couple of weeks, Markham accepted that it was time. His boy, could no longer walk and was in pain.


“Mokey” (SOURCE: WGCL)

Thursday morning, he had to make that trip that every animal lover dreads — to the vets office for the last time.

But they did not have to do it alone. Friends, family and fellow officers, from all over Georgia came to say goodbye.

“There’s so much work and so much love that’s put into these dogs,” says Markham. “It hurts when they leave us. It’s very emotional.”

After a lifetime of serving his community, “Mokey” left this world in the arms of the man who never left his side.


“Mokey” (SOURCE: WGCL)




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