Free Uber rides to South Richmond this weekend

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Last summer, the Uber app hit the scene and took to the roads in the Richmond region. Many people use the app, which is why it currently has 280 active local drivers. But south of the James River, many people aren't familiar with Uber -- that may change starting Friday night.

Harold Frans is an independent contract driver for Uber who's been driving nearly full time for the past nine months. This weekend he's hoping you consider riding with him south of the James River -- for free.

Free Uber Rides

"I think with this promotion it's just going to be viral especially cause you giving one and share the free ride, and another free ride also the promo that runs with Uber. We expect 25 percent growth from the Southside" says Frans.

Starting Friday June 5 through June 7 until midnight, Uber users can grab a free ride when their trip starts or ends south of the James River. Customers using the service are good for two rides up to $20 each.

"I think it'll help our business because it will give more exposure for people from the south of the river and north of the river to explore so they can explore," Frans said. "You commute, your car breaks down, you need to go to the mall, or go to the gas station and you don't have a car.

"Free ride this weekend this weekend back and forth so load up the app and use it."

This will not only help boost the economy in the Southside, it also helps the driver, as they get to keep 80 percent of the fare.

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