Watch ‘Superman’ basketball player’s epic proposal

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A basketball player took the term “Love and basketball” to a new level after a creative game of pick-up basketball. Former North Carolina State and current Canadian basketball player Alex “Superman” Johnson and girlfriend, former UNC Greensboro guard Brey Dorsett were playing a game of one-on-one in a gym full of friends.

Little did Dorsett know, this was no ordinary game.

Johnson got out to a quick start with two early baskets, then went down with a fake injury. Two of Johnson’s friends came to his aid, but as you watch the video you see one friend slip him the ring. That’s when the magic happened. Johnson got down on one knee with the ring and proposed to the unsuspecting Dorsett. She said yes.

After a quick embrace, Dorsett demanded to finish the game. She said it was her ball.

In case you were wondering. They did not finish the game, but as it turns out, they both won. :-)