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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- A Chesterfield County man says the real kick in the pants about a break-in at his home, was that someone smashed in his back door when there wasn't even anything valuable inside, because a family member had recently moved out.

We posted pictures on-line that showed a stressful afternoon on Cogbill Road for Bill Neilsen.

"I pulled up in the driveway and saw four black gentlemen run out the back door in a quick bolt," Neilsen said.

And speaking of bolts, the dead bolt on the door was smashed, and the door frame was in pieces.

"Someone hit it with a size 12 or 13,” said Neilsen. “They tore the frame up and went into the woods."

Neilsen says the thieves ran off with nothing, because his house is in a transitional state and no one is living there at the moment. Chesterfield Police ran a K-9 track and dusted the doors for prints, but the four men were still at large late Friday.

About six miles away in Drexelwood, a neighbor rolled up to see two people peeking out of a window at a home next to him that was in foreclosure. Police were unable to catch those suspects.

While police sources say these two broad daylight break-ins are not connected, it does serve as a reminder for people leaving home this holiday weekend.

"They say most break-ins happen during the day,” said Neilsen. “I believe that now. Maybe I'll tell the neighbors and we can start a Neighborhood Watch or something."

Neilsen says police dogs tracked a scent but it disappeared, meaning it’s likely the four men had someone waiting with a car to drive them away from the area.

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