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Chesterfield neighborhood turns to security system after rash of break-ins

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Chesterfield, Va. -- Three homes in one Chesterfield neighborhood have been broken into over the course of just a few weeks.

Emails have been sent to neighbors warning them to make sure their home is secure.

After more than decade in their home the unthinkable happened.

"They didn't take anything except jewelry,” said one victim, whose face we are not showing, to protect his identity.

More than a few neighbors have gotten alarm systems after the crime sweep.

"We feel a lot more comfortable with that in place and I know a number of our neighbors have done the same thing.

"We did do some installations for some of those persons that did call in,” said Mary Long, with the Petersburg Alarm Company.

Now they are resting a little better knowing that the new alarm system brings with it new technology, like customized service using a smart phone.

"You can activate your system by turning it on and off, you can view camera's if you have a camera system, you can control your thermostat in your home, with air conditioning and heating,” Long said.

But even an alarm system hasn't stopped some from being more cautious.

"We're concerned enough that we changed our habits somewhat, we're more attentive to what we do and when we leave the house, we make sure we don't leave anything around that somebody could use to force their way in,” said River Bend resident Ed McDowell.

Some who live near where a break-in occurred have seen other changes as well.

"One good thing though is it has increased everybody's awareness, people are more vigilant, people are starting to use their security system now, turning lights on in the back, so in a way, it's a good thing,” said Sam Jones.

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