Mom lip syncs her 4-year-old’s tantrum and nails it

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LOS ANGELES — A California mother was unable to calm her 4-year-old child — so she opted for an alternative way of getting her attention. Jennifer Closson Aprea said her daughter was yelling “No!” and shrieking when she decided to record herself lip syncing the tantrum. Aprea told BuzzFeed her strategy worked! Her daughter was soon laughing and giggling at her mom’s silly faces.

Aprea has received some backlash about the video, but she’s taking it all in stride. She posted an update on her Facebook page:

“When a silly video of one of her typical four year old tantrums go viral and half the internet world starts to think she’s a “brat” and I’m a “horrible mom” (again) I just have to grab a glass of wine, cuddle up with her, and share a little bit of her good side. She’s an amazing daughter and big sister and any of the wonderful people who have been following us for a while already know this. (Trying really hard not to let the internet trolls get me down tonight!)”

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