Biting, obsessive licking could mean your dog has seasonal allergies

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DENVER -- Allergy season is here in all its glory, but it's not just us humans who suffer. Dogs can and do suffer seasonal allergies as well, and it's just as miserable for them as it can be for us.

KDVR reports humans and hounds are actually quite similar in the ailments we can get, from infections to metabolic diseases like kidney failure and heart disease.

We also share another malady which is not life threatening, but just as annoying. Dogs can and do get allergies. At Alameda East Vet Clinic, they see thousands of dogs every year with seasonal allergies.

"It's probably one of the most frustrating things I see. Nobody dies, but nobody gets better," said Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald from Alameda East Vet Clinic.

Any allergy that's been described for a person has been described for a dog as well, said Dr. Fitzgerald.

The list for seasonal allergies is endless. It could be something as large as weeds or grasses, even trees, or something as small and invisible, like pollen.

Pet owner Lisa Jayson says her dog, "Miss P.," shows the classic signs of a dog's allergic reaction through biting and obsessive licking.

So what can dog owners do to help their furry friends?

"Their coat acts like a shammy cloth – it can collect and concentrate these pollens," Dr. Fitzgerald said.

A nice warm bath with dog soap will soothe and remove these pollens.

Fitzgerald says there's no cure for allergies but a visit to your dog's vet would be in order during allergy season.