Man found shot on I-64

Fatal crash in front of Richmond elementary school stuns near West End neighbors

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RICHMOND, Va. -- The shocking crash between a white SUV and a silver Audi occurred just a block from Mary Munford Elementary and about 20 minutes before kids were let out for the day.

The female driver of the Audi died on scene and the driver of the SUV has life-threatening injuries at VCU Medical Center.

The SUV ended up wedged into Steve Rogge's porch.  He says his wife and mom were just about to go outside.

"They were going to start gardening,” said Rogge.  “I'm very lucky on that front.”

“I heard just a big crash noise," said John Taylor, who lives just a few houses away from the crash site.

Groove Street Ax

Rescue workers rushed the SUV driver to VCU.  Police say the SUV only came to a stop after running into the back of the Audi, jumping the median, plowing through a fence, up a hill and into Rogge's porch.

Police say the two cars were traveling east on Grove Avenue when they collided near Commonwealth Drive.

"The SUV quickly came up and struck the silver vehicle in the rear.  It then went into the tree,” said Richmond Police spokesperson James Mercante.

"It’s absolutely terrifying,” said Kerry Byrne.  “There are so many bikers, joggers, moms and dads with kids out here."

Richmond's crash team members took measurements after talking to witnesses.  Police believe speed was a factor.

In an area that would've been bustling with small kids just 20 minutes later, neighbors say it's tragic and it's unfortunate that a woman lost her life, but say it could have been a  whole lot worse.

"Certainly with someone driving at that rate of speed, it can be dangerous living on a main road like this,” said Rogge.  “But you can never expect or plan for anything like it.”

Police are in the early stages of their crash investigation.  Detectives talked to some witnesses that say the SUV was traveling at speeds of 80-90 miles per hour.