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Hard worker credits his family for helping him win a new car from his bosses at Owens & Minor

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MECHANICSVILLE, Va. -- Talk about a good day at work. Barry Lane, of Glen Allen, won a new car from his bosses at Owens & Minor. The warehouse coordinator was one of five employees (in Richmond) with perfect attendance in 2014. All Owens & Minor employees with perfect attendance got their names into a drawing for the new Ford Mustang. Owens & Minor gave other cars to employees with perfect attendance in two other cities as well.

"I was real excited to win the car. I was really shocked and surprised," he said.

Lane credited his upbringing for providing him with a strong work ethic.

"Although I grew up in Richmond, my family came from the mountains near Big Stone Gap, and my parents raised three kids. They worked hard and didn’t have the chance for education, but they raised us, saved money and helped us along the way. I got my work ethic from them," he said. "I just feel bad when I miss work. I depend on myself, kind of like a code of honor for myself."

Obviously to have a perfect work attendance, one must avoid getting sick. Lane said while he did feel under the weather at times in 2014, he never felt bad enough to take a sick day.

"To stay healthy, I try to do some form of exercise every day," he said. "I like being outdoors and I love hiking along the James River."