Tablet over toilet leads to Dollar General worker’s arrest

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Asante Cotman (PHOTO: New Kent County Sheriff's Office)

NEW KENT COUNTY, Va. — A manager at the Dollar General in Bottoms Bridge made an unusual discovery when she went to inspect the employee bathroom. She said she found a tablet computer, hidden behind a ceiling tile, above the toilet, according to New Kent County Sheriff’s investigators. The tablet was set up to record what happened in the bathroom.

The tablet, it turned out, belonged to another Dollar General employee. Investigators arrested the employee, 20-year-old Asante Robert Cotman, of Charles City County, and charged him with attempted unlawful filming of another without permission. There was no evidence that anyone was actually filmed in the bathroom without their permission, investigators noted.

Cotman told his bosses he put the tablet in the ceiling to record people messing up the bathroom.