The big challenges, dangers snowplow drivers face

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Snowplow drivers worked around the clock to clear roadways, keeping drivers safe.

Bruce Zickafoose and his fellow drivers at RJ Smith Company logged several hundred miles in the storm.

They handle most of the interstates and roads around Richmond. The company is contracted by VDOT.

Zickafoose's team hit the road early to make sure I-95 was in top shape.

Zickafoose explained there are big challenges and dangers plow drivers face when clearing the roads.

Bruce Zickafoose

Bruce Zickafoose


"The primary danger is that there's snow flying in the air. People don't understand that we are going slow for reason. That's to remove as much snow as possible, so a lot of people try to pass us and that doesn't work out too well," Zickafoose said.

VDOT spokesperson Lindsey LeGrand says they want to remind drivers who try to pass snow plows how dangerous it can be.

"They are out there pushing the snow. We don't want it to reduce your visibility and don't want you slipping and sliding on the snow that is being tossed to the side," LeGrand said.

During our last storm a VDOT snowplow driver hit and killed a woman riding a bicycle as the plows were clearing the roads.


Zickafoose says because so many drivers around them take chances, his company's drivers do all they can to steer clear of danger.

"People do attempt to get around us, so we have other vehicles that we use... pilot vehicles in front and someone behind us to help keep the traffic back," Zickafoose explained.

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