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Pipe problems are just the beginning for homeowners

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RICHMOND, Va. -- As the snow begins to melt you could run into some problems, not only outside but inside your home.

Many homeowners are well aware of pipe problems, from the cold temperatures.  But the wintry weather can also cause roof problems because of the heavy snow; and gutters can freeze over.   However, several experts said there are ways to avoid the frustration and being financially drained as a result.


"It`s extremely costly," Stephan Waters, Jr. with S & S Enterprise said.

The costs to repair damage caused by snowstorms, like what we've seen here in the Metro can be extensive.


"You want to get your roof checked," Waters said.  It's advice he's offered to his home service customers for the past decade.  But it's what happens after the snow melts, that can do even more harm to your home.

"When the snow melts it becomes puddles and the puddles have to go somewhere... and it seeps through any crack that you have in your foundation, Waters said.

The puddles can result in a major mess.  It's a situation Dennis Loney knows can oftentimes leave homeowners in devastating and dangerous circumstances.

 Dennis Loney

Dennis Loney


"People have been kind of shocked, kind of stunned and not prepared," Loney said.

And knowing what to do can make all the difference.

"Covering any openings you may have around your house, around the bottom, around the venting, the crawl spaces, make sure they're covered," Loney said.


Being proactive can go a long way "in saving money in your pocket, as well as preventing any major issue you may have down the road," Loney said.

Because heat rises, experts also recommend letting your ceiling fan run counter-clockwise.   This pushes the warm air downwards towards you.

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