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Former Va. police officer goes to prison for offering meth dealer help in exchange for sex

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SALEM, Va. — A former Salem Police officer was sentenced to 30 months in prison for soliciting and receiving sexual favors from a woman accused of crimes involving the drug meth. Kevin C. Moore, 42, of Roanoke, was serving as a DEA task force officer at the time. In exchange for the sexual favors, Moore the woman he would recommend a favorable sentence to a federal prosecutor on her behalf. Moore pleaded guilty in December to one count of bribery.

“Between June and September 2014, while Moore was serving as a DEA task force officer, Moore informed a female cooperating defendant that he was in a position to help her with her pending federal methamphetamine trafficking case,” Moore’s plea agreement read. “In August 2014, for example, in a series of text messages with the cooperating defendant, Moore made clear that he could recommend a favorable sentence to a prosecutor on the cooperating defendant’s behalf in exchange for sexual favors. Moore then convinced the cooperating defendant to go for a ride in his official vehicle where she performed a sexual act with Moore.”

Moore admitted he did the same thing with two other women in similar situations.

“Moore falsely informed these witnesses that he had convinced federal prosecutors not to charge them with federal criminal offenses that would carry significant prison sentences. Moore then solicited and received sexual favors from the witnesses in exchange for his purported assistance,” the FBI wrote in a press release.

Moore was arrested in October 2014 and was suspended from the Salem Police Department and DEA task force the same day. He was fired the day he pleaded guilty.