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An ode for snow-lovers

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RICHMOND, Va. – This week, we hit a landmark for the nearly snow-less Winter of 2014-2015. Richmond, as reported at Richmond International Airport (RIC), is now seven inches behind for our average season-to-date snowfall, with a puny 0.3″ measured thus far. Snow-lovers cringe at the feasibility of this Winter sliding into the number two spot on this most unwanted list:


The 30-year average seasonal snowfall for RIC is 10.3″ (based on 1981-2010 climatology), with 5.9 “snow days” of at least 0.1″ or more. Clearly, we’ve missed the mark so far this season, getting more cold-rain days than snow-days. Our rainfall is actually slightly above average, so moisture availability hasn’t been the problem.

With this in mind, and no big snow chance on the near-horizon, I hope this poem will be the ultimate anti-jinx so we can maybe, just maybe, end our snow drought soonish. Snow-lovers, I’m doing this for you.
(Please note, this is best when read aloud like a Greek tragedy, with a poor imitation of a generically British accent. Share your readings with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

An Ode For Snow-Lovers

Eyes straining for a flurry.
This Winter never seemed in a hurry.
Another cold, rainy day disappointment.

Please, snow-lovers pray, let blocking form and plunge the NAO negative.
Take my shriveled, snow-less soul, they plead with an expletive.
I can’t abide another Boston blizzard, admired from afar.

I’ll settle for a clipper, they chime.
Yes, even a coastal low too far southeast; would that be a crime?
I don’t need to be in the sweet spot, just some kind of snow spot.

Yes, I want to build a snowman.
It definitely has to be a snowman.
OK, bye; even Elsa has #FrozenFever and a snow-less, garishly green dress.

Threatening skies smell like snow but hurl rain.
Each drop stings – a world of pain.
Fists rise, jaws clench as grimaces curl into manic grins.

They cry, gone is the #PolarVortex and #Snowmageddon!
This march to March is leaden!
With a heartbroken, resounding finality, I’m done with this Winter.

So count the days, snow-loving friends; Springtime is nigh.
Pray for snowflakes, tortured minds, that they may fly.
A month remains to change course from this impending snow-less record, but #TheStruggleIsReal.

–Carrie Rose

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