Pomeranian leads police on mad dash on busy highway for 30 minutes

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A feisty pup led police on a wild chase and snarled rush-hour traffic in Davis County, Utah Tuesday evening.

Cars were backed up for miles on Legacy Parkway as officers tried to catch the Black Pomeranian.

Footage captured by UDOT cameras show the Pomeranian making a mad dash down the southbound lanes before a state trooper approaches, gets out of his car and attempts to corral the runaway pet.


KUTV reports that at least four patrol vehicles trailed the animal as it approached the 500 south overpass in West Bountiful where the animal stopped.

Just as a state trooper got close enough to rescue the animal, the dog took off again darting into heavy traffic in the northbound lanes.

"Something I did notice, people would get out of their cars and try to get the dog to come to them,” said Doug Moss with Utah Highway Patrol. “We really don't want people getting out of their cars because it puts them at risk."


Doug Moss with Utah Highway Patrol


The small dog continued to bob and weave through slow-moving cars as officers continually repositioned themselves in an effort capture the elusive pup.

Then, finally after 30 minutes, officers wrangled the animal and were able to reunite the feisty Pomeranian with its owner.

“The owner eventually showed up and was able to get the dog to come to him and tossed him in the back of his car,” Moss said.

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