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Police on the lookout for drunk drivers on Super Bowl Sunday

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Super Bowl Sunday has transformed into an unofficial national holiday; one many fans like to celebrate with a cold beer or mixed drink in their hand.

Law enforcement is well aware that drinking alcohol is a major part of "Super Sunday", and Chesterfield police said they have increased patrols to help spot drunk drivers. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, there were more alcohol-related fatalities on Super Sunday 2013 than St. Patrick's Day of that same year.


Uptown Alley in Chesterfield always has a big crowd for the game.  Mangers there say they want their guest to have a great time, but they also want them to get home safely.


The business trains their employees to spot customers who have had a few too many, and they have taxis stationed outside for people who need them.

Police urge partygoers to designate a driver before the game and to count your drinks as it progresses.

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