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PRIOR LAKE, Minn. -- A Minnesota father took a unique approach to fight back against the family he said bullied his 14-year-old daughter. He called the family out on YouTube and showed an offensive Snapchat video he said they sent his daughter. Brad Knudson posted the YouTube video to show people how his daughter was bullied with racist messages.

Knudson, who adopted his daughter DeeDee 11 years ago, called her one of the kindest girls he had ever met.

"That's another reason why it hurts so bad," Brad Knudson said.

He is talking about Snapchat videos sent to his daughter where two students cursed and repeatedly called her the N-word. Knudson filed a police report and reached out to the 9th graders' parents.

He said after a heated discussion, the children's father left him a message and also used the N-word.

"He stated when he was growing up, he used the word all the time, he jokes with this word all the time in their house," Knudson said.

He said it was the words directed at his daughter that stung the most.

"On the outside I acted like it didn't affect me and I just brushed it off and pretended life was different at the moment, but on the inside I was kind of crying," DeeDee Knudson said. "I just hope people understand how much racism affects people."

While typically, a Snapchat video disappears right after it is sent, Knudson said he told DeeDee to let him record any hateful messages she received after it started to become a problem.

"I was afraid if I don't get this out, if I don't get people to understand, I'm gonna find her some day hanging in the bedroom," Brad Knudson said.

Knudson said he and his wife planned to start a twice monthly discussion on race in their community.

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