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Something totally unexpected happened after classic Volkswagen bus was vandalized

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Volkswagen clubs help elderly woman fix vandalized VW bus

PHOENIX, Ariz. — Folks from across the state came together to help an Arizona woman whose beloved 1969 Volkswagen bus has been the target of repeated acts of vandalism.

KPHO reports vandals shattered almost every window leaving an elderly woman we’ll call Ann with no transportation and no way to make a living.

Surveillance video showed four people using rocks to smash out the windows of her VW bus. It happened not once but twice.

Jesus Aguilera saw Ann’s story on a VW enthusiast’s Facebook page.

“I was disappointed in what happened. It didn’t make any sense,” said Aguilera.

The Arizona Bus Club member started making phone calls.

“These are older vehicles so you just can’t go to an auto shop and pick it up. You have to order it or find them,” said Aguilera.

Soon thousands of dollars in donations were pouring in.

“Arizona Bus Club donated money. There is a club in Tucson that also donated money and helped contact a company called Phoenix Glass company who did all the work,” said Aguilera.

“Before I felt like my life just went down. There was nothing I could do,” said Ann.

It had been a rough go for Ann. But folks like Jesus have helped restore her faith in the goodness of others.

“I was happy and glad somebody cared,” said Ann.

As for the folks caught on camera. Ann is clear on what she wants to happen to them.

“They have to pay for their crimes,” said Ann.

Police are still looking for those four vandals in the video. If you have any information that can help you’re asked to call Phoenix police.

Volkswagen clubs help elderly woman fix vandalized VW bus

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