Famous Dave’s barbecue suddenly bows out of Richmond, closes three stores

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RICHMOND — Famous Dave’s announced Monday the chain has closed its Richmond restaurants.

The three locations on W. Broad Street, Midlothian Turnpike, and Brook Road are already closed.

The company announced the closures in a press release.

On Twitter people weighed in about employees not being given advance notice, an occurrence that happened two other times recently, when NTelos and then Quaker Steak and Lube shuttered their doors.

The CEO of Famous Dave’s indicated that the closures are part of a strategic financial reevaluation “that will drive the greatest increase in company performance and long-term, per share, shareholder value.”

“Fiscal 2014 marked the beginning of a transition for Famous Dave’s, a process that we expect to continue into 2015,” said Ed Rensi, CEO of Famous Dave’s.”The current leadership team continues to evaluate the performance of our legacy company-owned portfolio as we drive toward a return to positive same store sales and improved unit and company-level profitability, while we actively pursue our re-franchising strategy.

For those craving Famous Dave’s barbecue, the location in Fredricksburg remains open, an employee confirmed over the phone.


  • B ADDY

    The chain restaurant bbq can’t compare with the local options in the area. I do hate to hear about the employees losing their jobs though.

  • grundlemonster

    Yeah, stinks for the employees losing their jobs. Not an easy time of year for that, if there ever is one anyways. Most restaurants don’t give advanced notice to employees just based on the presumption that most would quit right away and the restaurant would be open with nobody to help operate it. Would like to hear about some of these places giving out some sort of compensation package to their employees, just as a sign that the store actually valued their employees. Even if it were only a couple hundred dollars, it would help.

  • SSS

    Virginia is a “right to work” state. Translation: Employees have no rights when working in this state.

    Corporate’s message is clear. The management’s decision to close the restaurants in Richmond is no loss, except to their employees, and just an early indication that the CEO, Mr. Rensi, is going to run the company into the ground. The only possible positive in this whole situation is that hopefully the former employees will find work with an employer who truly values them.

    Hey Mr. Rensi, Happy New Year (NOT).

  • alexandra

    In my opinion being a previous employee there, they were looking to close those stores. The richmond stores had a 3 part test menu which cost the stores alot of business at least at the store I was at. You don’t just make a quick 3 sec decision on something as big as closing not just 1 but 3 stores that affect so many people lives especially just 4 days after Christmas. These places need to give their employees some kind of warning. Working with a close knit group of people is like working with family and the company has wronged their “family” big time!

    • Sammy

      This is just nasty! Fire up Facebook and Twitter start and hammer home a nation wide boycott famous daves campaign. MAKE THEM FAMOUS for their actions.

      • Jeff

        all your campaign will do is cause the remaining Famous Dave’s to lose business and this hurts the employees more than the CEO.

      • Sammy

        My hopes were enough negative publicity would get the people here in Richmond a severance package. But worst case the lost jobs and spaces (buildings) will be replaced with a company that honors there employees and customers. The CEO mentioned in the article above is a ex- McDonalds big wheel who could use a good black balling.

  • John kornegay

    NEWS FLASH….WTVR reported that this one time popular BBQ restaurant chain bit the dust and are closing their 3 stores here in Richmond….FTR….I tried to get them to advertise but being a franchise ….” The owner had left the building.”…..fast forward….#1 store owners have to circulate flyers just so customers don’t forget #2 then we have to gett’em in the door #3 we need customers to come back…etc etc etc

  • David

    Good example of what happens when the quality of your food product falls off in restaurant business. Also can’t say the service was all that good either.

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