Students pepper sprayed to break up fights at Varina High School

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. – Varina High School will operate on a normal schedule Friday after several students were pepper sprayed after fights broke out in the cafeteria around 12:30 Thursday.

"This afternoon, several students fought in the cafeteria. Police officers responded in order to help secure the building," Henrico schools posted on Twitter. "While the fight is now over, we have put the campus into lockdown as we continue to gather information from the students involved."

Officials said that the fights in the cafeteria are believed to have started because of a disagreement between students.

"The students involved will now be dealt with in accordance with our Code of Student Conduct," Henrico schools tweeted. "In addition, charges may be filed by police."

Henrico County Schools spokesman Andy Jenks said that pepper spray was used to break up the fights.

As a result, eight students were treated at the school for exposure to the spray and one student was taken to the hospital after being sprayed.

Jenks reiterated that the fights were not gang related and that no weapons were involved.

Henrico police as well as state police were dispatched to the school.

After news of the lockdown spread, some parents showed up at the school and waited in the parking lot for word on what had happened.

Some students are being released early to their parents. Others are being released at normal dismissal time, which is just before 4 p.m. Additionally, all after-school activities and events will take place as planned.

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    • Concerned one

      Why is it you always have negative comments in regards to events that more than likely have to do with African Americans? Haven’t you heard the saying, that if don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all? You are a disgrace just as much as those you judge.

      • B ADDY

        Concerned one , because it is appalling the drag on society such a small % of the population can be and it needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. It is apparent no one in the black community has any interest in doing anything other than blaming others .

      • Concerned one

        B addy, leaving negative and/or sarcastic remarks does not bring any kind of resolution either. Unless you are right there in the trenches, regarding the interest or lack there of in the black communities, how can you speak on it? As we all know, good deeds are usually not a priority for the media to report, but I believe there are people in the communities trying to make a difference. Don’t judge a whole race from the actions of a few…

      • Manalishi

        ” more than likely have to do with African Americans?” As the fact would have it I did not state or implicate anything of the sort. Therefore, you have injected your racism as a defensive mechanism for something that has not even happened. “You are a disgrace just as much as those you judge.” Which in reality, is exactly what YOU did rather than me. You seem to have a very predictable dysfunction.
        Democrats are all the same.

      • mike

        Whites are menace to society too then. Just because some black people do bad things don’t mean you put them all in a box.

      • W.Ball

        It is because Manalishi supports the white pedophiles, since she never comments on any of them. She/he may be a closet white pedophile who just trolls the internet praising the perverted freaks. She/he probably get their kicks off reading children being harmed.

      • B ADDY

        Great question Webster. We would be rich if we knew, but a 75 to 80% out of wedlock birthrate is the best place to start I would think.

    • Concerned one

      Manalishi, I have read a lot of your comments previously and what I stated is true, you only make comments to events that involve or most likey do involve minorities.

      • Manalishi

        I would contend that as a matter of conditioned habit, you are using the same character flawed judgement that berated yourself in the your prior post. Seems redundant.

    • eric

      “As the fact would have it I did not state or implicate anything of the sort.” Oh ok…What did you mean but imagine the details and likely be correct then? What details and you only imagine and probably be correct about?

  • Ron Melancon

    Oh boy I can see it now parents will start a on line petition why their kids should not be expelled and then some nutty group will say you can’t expell the troublemakers and you need to put these kids back into high school or else they will file a lawsuit

  • Debra

    Why is it assumed it has to do with African Americans? My daughter attends Varina and is white. And the reason the parents in this end of the county want a new high school is because it is needed. Is Ron saying the kids do not deserve the same luxuries as those afforded the students in other parts of the county? Believe me, other schools have the same issues Varina does but do a better job of keeping it hush-hush for fear of the negative publicity. If you don’t work at Varina and you don’t have a child who attends school there, don’t assume you know anything at all about the school or its students.

  • John H.

    I have read the comments on here about what color the individuals involved may be. We don’t know the details. Arguments and fights break out in all the schools…white and black schools.

  • donald

    facts are just that and the numbers are there its just sad a certain minority refuses to do anything unless a white person is involved.same song just another day.Anytime somebody brings up the stats and clear facts we get the “yea but whites shoot up places ” or the ever popular “whites mess with kids” keep your head in the sand it seems to be working out for you at 90% crime by blacks is against other want more numbers google them.Maybe its time to take some responsibility for yourselves,just maybe?Yes some people you just can’t reach.

    • W.Ball

      The pot calling the kettle black, Donald. Make sure that you back up your so-called facts with actual references. The next time you comment on the black race, be sure to do your research that their has been black movements on black on black crime. You just don’t know it, because you are too focused on the negativity of the blacks. Please keep your biased opinions to yourself.

  • SOTS

    “These are somebody’s children.”
    Seems Adults should decide whether they want protection for their children or excuses of any and all occasions.
    Adults and Law Makers should decide whether they want Police and Enforcement of Laws or not.
    Law Makers and Voters should decided on whether they want a civil society or an uncivil society.
    Law Makers need to Publish in Advance, which Laws are enforceable and which are not.
    Mothers are not in command of Police Alerts.

  • Sandra

    All of the comments made on here demonstrate the rampant racism in America, no one knows the demographics involved in this incident but the comments demonstrate that each race is ready to predict and point the finger at the other race. No one wants to take responsibility. I am 67 years old and very much present in the 50’s, 60’s and 70s when people did indeed take responsibility and moved toward conciliation. It is time the blame game should be over.

    • Manalishi

      ” It is time the blame game should be over.” Agreed. It most likely will be over when the unchecked violence stops.

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