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Cremated remains donated to Goodwill

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LAFAYETTE, Indiana — A strange donation was made to an Indiana Goodwill store.

Employees at a Goodwill in Lafayette were looking through donations when they came across two small, white boxes. Inside, they found cremated human remains.

Each box had a name and a date on it. Police were able to find the next of kin and return the boxes to them.

The next of kin said it was simply an accident that the boxes were donated.

The store owner said the boxes with the cremated remains were one of the strangest donations she’d seen.


  • Jamie

    Wow why don’t you bury your family member so others can pay there respect. Even if it is on your own property., don’t be so selfish.

    • mary

      Maybe it wasn’t within the family members wishes to be burried. My father wantes to be cremated and not burried. I think it’s selfish to do anything but honor the wishes of family who have passed away.

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