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Union First Market Bank deactivates thousands of ATM cards after skimming incidents

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RICHMOND, Va.. -- The ATM bank cards of roughly 3,000 Union First Market Bank customers have been deactivated since Thursday, after a series of skimming incidents.

Customer Dawn Grois said she went to the ATM Sunday to take out money to buy Christmas gifts, but the ATM repeatedly printed receipts that said “request exceeds daily limit.”

Grois said she had not received any notice that her ATM card was being deactivated, and she drove all over town trying various ATMs before giving up.

She wishes the bank had let her know about the issue.

“A direct call immediately, that would have at least alerted me to the problem,” Grois said.

Union First Market Bank spokesperson Bill Cimino said this particular breach forced the bank to take action immediately.

He said the thieves are stealing people’s ATM cards and pin numbers by putting  a device on the ATM machine that records that information.

The thieves are then able to create fake ATM cards to withdraw money.

Cimino said people’s real ATM cards started being deactivated Thursday, and customers were informed by email on Friday.

He said letters were sent out Monday, and the information was immediately posted on the bank’s website and social media.

But, Grois said she has yet to receive any notice.

“The information from the bank itself should have gone out immediately. It would have been an easy robo call, but it was nothing,” Grois said.

Cimino said the breach has affected other banks as well, and the FBI is now investigating.


  • ts

    unfortunately it is too easy for criminals to do this. I have not been notified yet by the bank but beacuse of your story I contacted them to shut everything down! I havent been affected yet but Im not taking any chances. It happened to me already earlier this year. Since then I use a prepay visa card for all online items, but its apprently not enough. UGH, stupid lazy criminals need to get a freaking job like the rest of us!!

  • Dale Reynolds

    My wife and I found out Tues when we looked at our acct online. The bank told my wife they knew Mon about it. They told me Fri when I went in that I could only use my card as credit but I never received anything from them. I never would have known if I didn’t go in. Union First Market bank has a lot if issues in communication and I will be pulling my accounts.

  • Tasha Jones

    I saw the story on the news. I was never contacted either. As a precaution, all customers should have been notified immediately. This would have saved a lot of headaches. Thankfully my account wasnt affected but a heads up wouldve been nice. I agree with TS, get a freaking job already!

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