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‘Two Story Road’ comes home and shares two tips with aspiring musicians

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CHESTER, Va. -- You may have sung along to a Carrie Underwood live performance on television or in concert, but did you notice the blonde woman with the powerful voice singing backup?

Her name is Jamelle.

You may have watched a recent music awards show that featured a duet with Miranda Lambert and Meghan Trainor, but did you notice the good-looking keyboard player clapping and singing behind them?

His name is Brandon.

Jamelle and Brandon have more in common than spending time performing with some of music's biggest stars, they share a last name.

Jamelle and Brandon Fraley now want to share more time together. So they’re putting their backup gigs behind them and stepping out on their own as Two Story Road.

It’s something they may have done years ago, if not for big names asking for their help.

"Gretchen Wilson, Danny Gokey, Carrie Underwood," Brandon said. "How do you say no?"

Jamelle singing with Carrie Underwood

Jamelle singing with Carrie Underwood

The couple lives in Nashville now, but Jamelle grew up in Chester, Virginia. She went to Thomas Dale High School, but even before then her choir teacher told her she’d be "big time."

She’s happy to put "big time" on hold for the holidays, visiting her family in Chester and her faith family at Ironbridge Baptist Church.

"I grew up here in this building from the time I was 3rd grade," Jamelle said. "So, I feel like I'll always come back here, no matter how old I get."

Brandon with Danny Gokey

Brandon with Danny Gokey

While here, Jamelle and Brandon are performing for a sold-out Christmas Dessert Theater Friday night at the church. They’re also singing with the choir on Sunday morning.

"When I think of Christmas, the first thing I think of is family," Brandon said. "We get to see our family."

A strong belief in faith and family brings them back to Chester. It’s also what they’re taking on the road with them as Two Story Road.

TSR 8x10bAccording to the talented couple, other young artists hoping for success should have belief in themselves and a strong work ethic. After being in the background for so long, they hope their hard work will put them in the same spotlights as the well-known artists they’ve been traveling the world with.

"It would be really cool to be out with those guys again, but not as band members this time; as Two Story Road," Brandon said.


After Christmas, the two will head back to Nashville to work on new material with renowned producer Mark Bright.

That music should be released this Spring.

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  • Jay

    As always, it was good to see you both during your visit home! You have a wonderful family here. Hope to see you on a return trip! Safe travels

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