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Explicit texts allegedly sent by Morrissey part of evidence in plea

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An Alford plea agreement entered in Henrico County Circuit Court Friday outlines the evidence prosecutors allegedly had against Delegate Joe Morrissey (D-Henrico).

Morrissey’s plea means he was convicted of a misdemeanor stemming from a sexual relationship with a teenage girl.

Included in the plea, several text messages Morrissey allegedly wrote to the teen.

“A pic you lying there fantasizing about me f*** you…send me a pic and then I’m gonna call you.”

Prosecutors also highlighted a text message Morrissey allegedly sent to a friend before sending that friend a naked picture of the 17-year-old.

“Hey Buddy, I just f*** her on my conference table and again on the floor for good measure!”

The girl’s father and sisters spoke to the media after the plea agreement.

“His conduct leading up to and in the courtroom he exhibits, is not that of a lawmaker.. or even a conscionable adult that should have the public’s trust,” the trio said.

Morrissey’s plea means he will spend at least three months in jail, but be granted work release to head to the General Assembly during session.

“This is the absolute biggest nightmare for the General Assembly and particularly members of Joe Morrissey’s political party, the democratic party,” CBS 6 political analyst Dr. Bob Holsworth said.

For that reason, Holsworth said he doesn’t believe Morrissey will remain a delegate.

“One can just imagine the pictures and the crowds that would be watching a delegate come in to the general assembly while he is on work release. My thinking is that over the next few days and certainly over the next few weeks, you’re going to see many calls for Joe Morrissey’s resignation,” Holsworth said.

Still, the people who voted Morrissey into office seem to have different opinions on the subject.

“He’s done a good job, and I don’t think this should interfere with his job,” Thomas Williams, who voted for Morrissey, said.

“I think he should step down…I’m shocked and appalled,” Sabrina Berkley, who also voted for Morrissey, said.


  • athynz

    To use the same so-called logic as those who claim Bill Cosby is guilty of multiple rapes because he settled a lawsuit back in the day, Joe Morrissey must be guilty as he is taking a plea deal. If he was truly innocent he’d fight it in court.

      • athynz

        No, it’s my understanding of the man. The fact that he entered it tells me that he lied about nothing going on with him and the at the time 17 year old girl. Are you defending him or his actions?

      • athynz

        Shut up athynz.”

        For once you sad scared little man grow some stones and make me.

        “As usual you have no idea of what you are talking about.”

        No, as usual you don’t have a clue as to what is being discussed.

        “Always trying to divert.”

        Divert from what exactly? Come on David address the actual article.

  • Joe Public

    Didn’t this same teen LIE about her age to get a JOB in this guys office ? Come on now, he is as culpable as any man would be.. I don’t condone what he did to a teenager UNLESS the teenager misrepresented her age and skills . If so then the PUBLIC shouldn’t be condemning him how about condemning her..What kind of family values does she have?

  • Becky

    Oh, come on.
    The High Profile Democratic “Law Maker”, “Legal Eagle” is a serial “Law Breaker”, predator of teen/women,
    and hit and run impregnator. He knew exactly what he was doing was Illegal, and did it anyway.
    According to Democratic DO-Injustice Justice Just For US System, he IS “Profile Protected” and Free to Do It All Again, under Absolute Impunity.. It’s all so PC So Easy under set up to suit Catch/Release/Repeat/Recycle.
    Democratic vicious Attacks, Assassinations, and Prosecutions don’t apply to Democrats. All FREE from Responsibility, Laws, Enforcement, and Just Prosecutions from the Top down to the lowest common denominator, as Demonstrated,
    repetitiously, serially…

  • Slawson

    His trouble with the law goes back a couple of decades, and stupid people keep re-electing him and it inflates his narcissistic ego even further. He lost his law license in the past and worked as a paralegal. He’s a nut case – no matter the political affiliation.

    • Joe Pike

      His district consists primarily of blacks and white trash, the two of which share the morals of an alley cat. This only makes him a hero in their eyes. I still think it is up to the voters in his district whether or not he continues to serve. I mean he is probably no worse than the rest of them in the Assembly if the truth be known.

      • Not Your Friend

        What a comment. This same type of behavior comes from politicians that support wealthy white people so your way out of line. No need to reply. You’ve already made your point.

  • Belsma

    Lovely, heard today that she is now 18 and preggers. This guy is just nasty if what is going on is true, but girl must have some MAJOR daddy issues if she consents to his advances. At 17/18 I would have never been with someone as old as my father. EWE!

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