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nTelos quietly empties Richmond stores, sell license to T-Mobile

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RICHMOND, Va. -- The store is bare, nothing on the shelves.

Roberta Richardson said she just bought two new phones, for hundreds of dollars, from the wireless company nTelos. She was shocked to find that several locations are now closed around Richmond.

nTelos sold its local wireless licenses to T-Mobile, for $56 million, but hasn't told all of its customers.

If you are an nTeloss customer, the company said there will be a transition phase happening over the next 12-months, and service will continue through November 2015.

They have not explained where customers can go for service issues with their current hardware.


  • Morning Dew

    There will be a transition phase beginning July 1, 2015 at which time you can change your provider with no early termination fee.

  • Tavis

    What ever happened to the Obola/Biden 2009 Recovery Summer.I’m betting that Obama can make it 100 Million American’s “no longer in the work force”, before he leaves office.
    In addition to 10 Million unemployed ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS on the AMERICAN TAXPAYER dole!

  • independent_thinker

    Tavis, you cannot blame Ntelos on Obama or anyone else. You can blame the problems with Ntelos on Ntelos. Their telephone service and customer service is absolutely awful.

  • Jack

    What I don’t understand is how all the news articles only mention the impact to the customers. Thousands of people were laid off with absolutely no notice, some of which were recently promoted to higher paying positions. That is just not fair. if one looks the stock price it almost looks like the company is being deliberately devalued. I wonder if it is criminal to do this while making a huge personal profit of the deal. I’d be very interested to know how much of a bonus the selfish corporate royalty received. or maybe it was just an elaborate ponzi scheme, who knows?

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