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Credit card theft at West End restaurant ‘part of bigger problem’

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HENRICO, Va. – Customers of a popular West End restaurant believe that somehow cyber criminals have found a way to access their credit card information.

The Henrico Police Department and at least one local financial institution said the link is the restaurant Kickback Jacks.

Gina Ivey, with Henrico Federal Credit Union, said they’re now in the process of replacing a few hundred credit and debit cards for customers who dined there.

She said that close to two dozen customers had unauthorized charges.

“We were able to unearth all of the transactions or compromised accounts that happened at Kickback Jacks, so we noticed a pattern right away,” Ivey said.

A woman who said she is a victim, and whose credit card was also charged after a recent trip to the restaurant said it was used in three places. She asked CBS 6 not to reveal her identity

“They spent one hundred dollars, but it was from my account. It was mine,” the woman said.

Henrico police said they’ve investigated five credit card reports in the past six days.

Lt. Chris Eley said the common link between the five cases was that they all used their credit cards at the West End restaurant.

Eley said detectives believe this problem is part of a larger problem.

“It’s not an issue with the restaurant itself but with the company that processes the credit card transactions,” Eley explained. “There’s a breach in the system but they’re having this trend nationwide.”

When CBS 6 reached out to the Kickback Jacks, we were directed to their corporate headquarters in North Carolina.

A spokesperson there said they have a team looking into this issue. They said protecting guest information is a top priority.

Police said if you have suspicions that your personal credit card information has been compromised you should monitor your bank and credit card statements closely.

They also recommend that you alert your bank when you travel out of town.

If you think that you have had unauthorized charges on your card, notify your bank and file a police report.



  • Phil

    Well my wife and I along with a few buddies are some of the few that had this happen to. Already had to replace our cards and file fraudulent charges.

    • The Truth

      Its just real strange that they never catch these people????? Who is behind this???? Obama and Hillary Clinton trying to fund her run for President????? Why cant these people be caught???

  • Bill

    My wife and i went to Paris for our honeymoon and over there your credit card NEVER leaves your sight. Restaurants bring the cordless credit card machine to your table and swipe it in front of you.
    Its ashamed that’s not the law here. All over Europe they also have encrypted credit cards as well. AND IN LAST PLACE AS USUAL THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…

    • Will

      Did you read the article? You’re example of what they do in Paris would have zero effect on how these credit cards were stolen.

    • hotttnailz

      Merchants gave resistance to these cards because it’s costly to switch out machines, but credit cards want them because they pay for fraud. By the end of next year merchants will have to have the chip and pin technology. Most US banks are already issuing the cards in preparation. 3 of my 6 cards have a chip.

  • G W

    I’m sure that any forensic accountant can tell which server handled those cards within minutes. Why no arrests yet?

  • reeltime

    “It’s not an issue with the restaurant itself but with the company that processes the credit card transactions,” Eley explained. “There’s a breach in the system but they’re having this trend nationwide.”
    So what is the name of this company that processes these transaction and what other restaurants in this area use that same company? That would be good reporting and valuable information to allow the consumer to make decisions.

  • James

    Same happened to me 1st of December. Went to Kick Back Jacks then over the weekend started getting charges from North Little Rock Arkansas. I feel like it might be an inside job though.

  • Yeet

    You people are clueless. A forensic accountant isn’t going to do shit. This was probably done by someone overseas with multiple VPNs. They’re not going to find him and even if they do they can’t do shit beacuse decrypted cards are usually sold to other people on the deep web. Glad I didn’t eat at this shithole, lol.

  • Not an idiot

    Most of you are dumb to think it’s the restaurant’s fault!
    The fault is of the credit card processing company whom this article neglects to mention. You’re never going to get the list of other businesses cause of confidentiality purposes but if we did that would be great to. So some can avoid those spots for short while if we don’t use anything but card.
    Those of you idiots who say my family and I won’t eat there again are just ignorant.

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