Suspect wanted for killing woman in Petersburg
Mueller did not find Trump nor campaign conspired with Russia

Man charged with murder of mother and daughter found in burned home

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Monday evening Charlottesville Police announced an arrest in the deaths of Robin  and Mani Aldridge.

Gene Everett Washington, ago 30, was charged with two counts of first degree murder, reports affiliate CBS-19.

Robin Aldridge, 58, and her 17-year-old daughter Mani were brutally beaten in their Charlottesville home Friday night, according to Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo.

Their bodies were found inside their Rugby Avenue home around midnight Friday after crews responded to a house fire there. When firefighters arrived, they found intense flames on the home’s lower level.

Police believe whoever killed Robin and Mani Aldridge, also stole their 2003 Toyota Matrix.  The vehicle was later found at the Barracks West Apartments in Charlottesville.

Robin Aldridge taught at Hollymead Elementary School in Albemarle County. Aldridge worked in the school system for over twenty years. Her daughter Mani was a student at Charlottesville High School.

A press conference is expected Tuesday, police said.


    • Judy

      Not in one part of this report did they say this was racially fueled, so why on earth would you make that statement??? It just saddens me that in the year 2014 people always want to put negative things with the color of peoples skin. Not saying you do this all the time Wayne, but you definitely generalized this crime simply because the perpetrator was black and the victims were white. This crime is sad and ridiculous regardless if it was white on white, black on black, hispanic on hispanic. The crime is what should be focused on!

      • B ADDY

        No Judy. When one ethnic group continues to commit crime at a rate 3 x higher than anyone else , all from only 16% of the population , it is about race. Blacks need to break this abysmal cycle. But instead we have a pathetic joke for a president who wants to turn a blind eye like the rest of the black community , and spin the blame onto the police departments.

      • B ADDY

        Joey , Brian backed it up for me. Read the link he left.
        Leaving mothers basement and looking at the real world may help also.

      • JamieStarr

        This had nothing to do with race. Leave your idiotic privilege at the door and stop playing the race card, which white people emphatically accuse any minority of doing whenever they point out injustice. The girl knew this guy. Which points to either some drug contact/connection, or something else. Every white female isn’t some innocent flower or princess skipping along through life innocently. No one deserves to be killed in such a way, but there’s more to the story. Grow up and leave your idiotic racism at the door.

      • joey

        Mother’s basement? No, I have my own…..but what are you? some lonely, pathetic, miserable retiree? or an unemployed bitter redneck?

  • trip

    are whites going to riot,loot and protest over this.Will black leaders and our pres speak a word about this?Not sure whats worst all the blacks protesting only white on black crime or the dumb white people among them trying soooo hard to act like blacks issues are somehow their problem too.

    • Why do I even try

      No they will wait till their favorite sports team wins or loses a championship to riot. White people are civilized and don’t need to be concerned with issues beyond the cul de sac.

    • jk

      The difference between this & Michael Brown / Eric Garner is that in those situations, the unnecessary force was perpetrated by someone in a position of power whom we are supposed to be able to trust to protect us, who are trained to not do more than they need to. There is also the stigma around the whole relationship between whites and blacks since slavery.
      And black issues are not the problem of white people? At all?

  • Stanalishi

    @TRIP people are protesting POLICE BRUTALITY. Please dont use these people’s senseless murder to further your agenda.

    • Liz

      That is incorrect. They were protesting because it was a white officer. I would bet my house that if it had been a black officer, we would not have heard a peep. Are some protesting the police brutality? I am sure they are and they ahve the right to do so, peacefully – but the initial response WAS because the officer was white.

      • razz

        No, you are incorrect. The protest is because the police were excessive. The acts being racially charged is an after thought.

  • Robbie

    If Obama had a son he’d be just like this young black fellow who was wronged by the white man his entire life. The atrocities we did to his ancestors by making them slaves. Making them work for their food, clothing and housing was absolutely wrong. Now we just give them food, clothing and housing for which they still remain unsatisfied. Great country we live in.

    • lynn

      Are you retarded?! Don’t answer that question. Is that the new white/racist definition of slavery now? You people can come up with some stuff I tell you.

    • PAM

      I know you are surprised to see all of the white kids from Berkeley protesting, rioting busting out windows all for this black man. B Addy you are a stupid racist a$$ bytch!!!!

      • B ADDY

        You are sadly mistaken if you think they are doing this for the black man. Another selfie opportunity and reason to skip class is all they are out for.



    • B ADDY

      I know the truth stings crushing. I would be embarrassed too. But use your energy and what little intelligence you have and try to do some good in your community and try to bring down your abysmal crime stats.

      • joey

        Why don’t YOU worry about YOUR community?! All you do is waste your life commenting on black crime when your people are raping at astounding rate, murdering the same amount of people as black people, $crewing little boys, stealing, drunk driving and I could go on. Worry about that instead of commenting on every black crime story you see. Find a way to be productive in YOUR community!

      • joey

        Why don’t YOU worry about YOUR community?! All you do is waste your life commenting on black crime when your people are raping at astounding rate, murdering the same amount of people as black people, $crewing little boys, stealing, drunk driving and I could go on. Worry about that instead of commenting on every black crime story you see. Find a way to be productive in YOUR community!

  • leon

    Where is the collective national outrage? The looting? The rioting? We are out there deifying a cigar-stealing police assaulting gang member and an ex-felon street hustler who died resisting legitimate arrest.
    Here are two shining beacons of society, cut down in their prime by a disgusting thug, and it’s like page three news?

  • Walter

    it doesn’t matter is Mani knew him or not–it doesn’t matter if drugs were involved or not–what matters is that this person DELIBERTLY repeat DELIBERTLY murdered these citizens of the community in a horrific manner and then tried to cover it up by setting a fire to burn the bodies. No human should be treated in this manner

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