Henrico victim sexually assaulted by man who sent Facebook inquiry

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- A Henrico woman said she's still in shock by what happened after she received a Facebook message from a man Monday afternoon.

The woman, who CBS 6 is not choosing to identify, said she got an inbox message from Kacey Wallace. She said he wrote that he was a certified massage therapist and was doing a promotion that would allow all new customers to get a free massage.

"I didn't even get enough time to think about it, it just happened so fast," said the woman.

The woman said she thought Kacey would be a woman, and was surprised when a man showed up to her Henrico apartment.

"He didn't introduce himself or nothing, he just was like he was there for the massage and he had the table," she said.

Inside her home, she said things started off normal, but what happened during the massage still haunts her.

"He just started kind of like forcing and started being aggressive and when I tried to get up and move he forced all his weight on me," she said.

During the alleged assault, the woman said she felt like there was nothing she could do.

She said her son was also home while this was happening.

"He was like if you want your son to continue to be downstairs chilling then do what I say," she said.

After he left, the woman said she called police. Wallace was arrested and charged with one count of sodomy.

Now, this woman hopes her story will inspire others to come forward if they've ever been a victim of a sex crime.

"If they are scared, hopefully if they come forward they won't have to be scared anymore,"she said.

Wallace declined CBS 6's request for an on camera interview.


  • Lee Smith

    he wrote that he was a certified massage therapist and was doing a promotion that would allow all new customers to get a free massage. is what happens on facebook okay correct me if i’m wrong but she shoulda know and reacted very very very very quickening before he raped her

  • informed

    Not trying to victim blame BUT i expect people should use some sore of common sense-if you just let random strangers know your address and come into your home with your CHILD there then you are sort of just playing russian roulette with your chances. Its a tragedy this happened but she is almost *lucky* she wasnt robbed and murdered as well smh

  • Ron Melancon

    Thanks for sharing but common people why in the world would you let a complete unknown stranger into your home? I know we are a trusting culture and these low life’s use this to get into our homes. We now never open a door ever for anybody we have not met before. Not for cookie sellers, weird cable sellers nobody is going to be let into our home….. Once they are in they can do what’re they want…. We need to be Greatful that this sick person did not do any further harm. Wake up people “Stranger Danger”. That is one reason why people should not use our yards as cut through.

  • Dena Mason

    Come on now!! who the hell lets a stranger come to their home to massage them off a fb message!! jesus lady smarten up!!!


    She needs to report this guy – if he’s truly certified, he needs to lose his certification. Health professionals, including certified massage therapists, are under the jurisdiction of a state department, and people can lose their licenses/certifications over this sort of thing. She should file a complaint against him with the Department of Health Professions.

    • jenny

      Im sorry for what happend to her but really common sense she should of called this person first on the phone she said she thought it was a female because of the name I would of checked first but anyways I wouldnt bring anyone to my home at all like the prev reply said nothing is free. Theres a lot of insane ppl out there we need to be careful we cant trust no one really.

  • cindy

    Are you kidding me?!! Who in this day and time have a complete stranger come to their home??? Thankfully they caught the creep but gee STUPID!!!!

  • Paula

    What she did was dumb. If she wanted a massage why didn’t she go to one in town. You don’t invite a stranger to your house. Now he knows where she live.How many other did this I wonder.

  • nateog

    As I read this story I had two reactions, 1. like everyone else, this was so avoidable but 2. this is why we as humans need to continue to help each other, because we are never going to live in a world where all people make non-stupid decisions and/or no criminals exists. Also how about a little sympathy for her. Just because you are stupid doesn’t mean you deserve to be hurt.

  • John H

    It will interesting to see who this guy is. I’m sure Police will search his phone, FB account, internet, criminal record, etc. I wonder if he has done this before and a list of past victims are in those records. I’m sure he denied everything that this woman alleged when he was questioned. This story will probably have a few more twists and turns coming as all the testimony and information comes to light.

  • Debbie

    wow some people have no common seance get a message on facebook and invite them over one word cant fix stupid come on lady think about it as the other comments say its like Russian roulette .

  • Family__Court__Buttt__Pphucks__Men

    This could be a false allegation. Women make false allegations all the time in order to either get money or to be the center of attention.

  • Meaghan

    I don’t know who would let someone into their home from a Facebook message. He does have a girl sounding name, but I wouldn’t even allow a strange woman to come to my home. I’ll come to your place of business, not your house, but a real business store. Maybe I’m just different.

  • kitty

    idiot…..know the net is full of perverts and scammer…why would you give your address and undress for a strange man…common sence…

  • FacebookRealNameDanger

    I am a victim of a Stalking Abuser. ​I use an alias for safety. Now Facebook wants to compromise my life by revealing my real name so I can be tracked down. My account is frozen until I comply. I am now cut off and isolated from the few friends, family and support groups who used only my alias. So I am being punished, abused and re-victimized by FB for daring to protect myself.

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