Teen Killed on West Broad Street

Can you tell why this viral Go-Pro bear chase video is fake?

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It’s the video getting all the clicks this week. And it is fake.

Can you tell why? A bunch of Redditors certainly had fun doing so.

This picture is but one example.

It may be fake but it is still fun to watch, as Redditor BashfulArtichoke puts it:

“Regardless of the authenticity, I enjoyed this video. … It was a compelling and clever use of a GoPro. You can’t expect the average filmmaker to have a Hollywood CGI budget. That bear looked absolutely fantastic considering an amateur budget. Thanks for posting [this], it was a great find.”

Just make sure to let your co-workers in on the truth.

Bear attacks on bicyclists aren’t unheard of though. Here’s how two bikers reacted when they were charged twice by a bear in Jasper.


  • Vjtorsell

    1. It just looks super fake to begin with.
    2. The first time the guy turns all the way behind him to look…. The bear is as wide as the road… That would be a 3000 lb grizzly bear… Which, as far as I know, only exists in middle earth.
    3. Even small pennsylvania black bears can maintain a speed of about 30 mph for a few miles, and well over 40 on a sprint. A grizzly is much faster yet. a fully roided-up lance Armstrong couldn’t outrun a bear on the road, let alone on a trail.

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