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Dad’s terribly cruel prank involving toddler son goes terribly wrong for mom

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While no Spider-man, nor child for that matter, was hurt, comedian and pranksterĀ Roman Atwood may have lost the trust of his wife with his latest prank.

The prank began when his wife walked upstairs and saw Atwood wrestling with his son — who was dressed in a Spider-man suit.

The child asked for water and mom went downstairs. While she was downstairs, Atwood’s son hid and he replaced the boy with a similar-sized doll, also dressed as Spider-man.

Atwood’s wife returned just in time to watch her husband launch the child-sized doll over the rail and down to the floor below. Mom raced downstairs only to realized she had been pranked.

“I hate you,” she yelled after taking off the mask to reveal the doll’s head. “Why would you do that?”

“Are you that mad?” Atwood responds.

“Yes I’m that f****** mad!” she quickly answers.

The video has gotten over 6 million views on YouTube since it was posted Nov. 30.