Pregnant woman shot by bean bag during Ferguson protest loses eye

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FERGUSON, Mo. -- This St. Louis woman's picture and story has spread through social media, she's now ready to talk about what happened to her shortly after the grand jury announcement was made in the death of Michael Brown.

KMOV reports that Dornella Conners is now blind in her left eye and can hardly see out of her right eye after her and her boyfriend, De'Angelas Lee, stopped at a gas station in the 10000 block of Halls Ferry early Tuesday morning. Conners says as she and her boyfriend were driving away from the station multiple police officers showed up.

"They pulled up while we were coming towards the street, De'Anglas was trying to get away, they blocked us from the side, front and back," Conners said.

Conners says her boyfriend was trying to drive around St. Louis County Police but police say he drove towards them. Police say the officer, fearing for his safety, used his less lethal bean bag round, striking the front passenger window causing it to shatter.

Conner went to another police officer who helped her get medical attention.

"I'm very upset, very disappointed with tactics that they used trying to get control of situation," said Donnell Conners, Dornella's father. "I understand tough job, I understand that it was chaos, there was no reason to fire upon innocent person sitting in a vehicle."

Police say Lee drove away but he was not the only one causing trouble at the gas station. Sixteen people were arrested on the lot and police say they still do not know who is responsible for firing numerous gunshots at the location.

Police say they have issued a warrant for Lee's arrest and set a bond for $50,000.


  • Liz

    Same ol’ I was just minding my own business story….try again. There is a reason why there’s a warrant for your boyfriend’s arrest.

  • Rick

    Same ole story. A person who proclaims they are just the innocent bystander and a cop without provocation fired a non-lethal projectile and now she is a victim. She is a victim of her own accord by 1. She is a participant in the riots (Not peaceful demonstration) but a riot, 2. Boyfriend has a warrant out on him (need to choose better people to hang out with), 3 She is pregnant. (What in the world is a pregnant woman doing out early in the morning and rioting?) This is not the cops fault. Take responsibility for your own stupid actions! Would you have lost the eye if you had not been out rioting? No. I’m sorry you lost your eye BUT you made the decision to participate in the riots. Again, take responsibility for yourself. Stop blaming other people for the consequences of your own stupid decisions.

  • Judge

    Anyone for a game of Bean Bag? You just have to ask yourself one question – Was the cop Black? LOL …. Must have been, otherwise this article would have been titled ” Unarmed Black welfare mom of 10 kids, each from a different father, gunned down by racially motivated White Officer” LOL So, there you have it – the bean bag shooter must have been Black. See how easy this was to figure out……….

  • Tina Taylor

    I read the story the other day about the black cake shop owner who’s window was damaged, luckily no one harmed and now a black pregnant woman who lost an eye due to the rioting- think about it people, who is getting hurt and why?

  • jenny

    As usual, details are left out of the story. Why did the cops show up in the first place and surround the car? The article is written to suggest that this couple stopped, got gas, maybe a drink, and drove on, not that they caused trouble of some kind. WTVR, please stop sensationalizing and report ALL facts.

  • Diamond

    Why didn’t the boyfriend stay and help her he just left . If this is your significant other or baby mother why can’t he be found in time of need. This story is sad but shady

  • Dixie

    Some boyfriend! He drove away! There’s always more to the story. Gunshots were fired at the gas station; Police were called; boyfriend tried to get around the Police, or headed directly at them; boyfriend leaves after girlfriend was injured . . .

  • Meaghan

    There’s no reason to fire upon an innocent person sitting in a vehicle…well that’s what happens when you are in a vehicle with a not so innocent person. I felt sorry for her in the first paragraph, but then as I read, it became more clear what happened. There was trouble at the station, gun shots, and most likely the cops had a description of the car and person of interest, and that is why they surrounded the car. I came to that conclusion after reading that he fled and had his gf go to the police officer to get medical attention.

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