Black Friday shoppers look for super savings

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HENRICO, Va. -- Millions of Americans crawled out of bed early today to search for bargains on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Others pulled all-nighters. But while Black Friday shopping was crazy and chaotic in some areas, it was quiet in others--including in some stores across the Metro.

The signs are now hanging, shopping baskets were quickly filling up--all indications the holiday season is here. And moving from aisle to aisle Friday was a dedicated duo,
Ashley Hollins along with her mother-in-law Susan Hollins. With lists in hand, the two were all about putting their saving strategies into play.

"We went through all the ads to find the best deals and then she (Susan) kind of mapped out the way where we are going," Ashley Hollins said.

Black Friday is crucial for retailers here in the Metro and across the country. That's because twenty-percent of their annual sales occur during the holiday shopping season.

Ashley is still a rookie in the game of Black Friday shopping, while Susan is a 30 year veteran---now coaching her daughter-in-law on the do's and don'ts of bargain shopping.

"Plan ahead," Susan Hollins advised. "We didn't get out as early this year as we thought because they opened last night, that sorta through a damper on everything. "

Ashley is listening, she's following her mother-in-laws advice which even meant some last-minute quizzing from family.

"I gotta get my plan," Ashley said. "They are like quizzing me 'if it's a BOGO what are you going to do?' And I'm like 'listen you joke but we have all your Christmas presents.'"

The hard work paid off as Ashley with her mother-in-law standing close by saved $86.95 during this year's shopping spree at Henrico's Target Store in Libbie Place.

"You don't realize how much goes into this," Ashley said.

Several groups tracking how much consumers will spend this year, report shoppers will shell-out between $720 and $860 this year. That's up five-percent to eight-percent from last year.

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