Why ‘help wanted’ ad landed Italian restaurant $5K fine

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NEW YORK — Not for an instant did Lara Kineavy think a help wanted ad she posted on Craig’s List back in July, would land the restaurant she works for in hot water.

“I didn’t really think much about it. (I) just put an ad for hostess/coat check. That’s about it, ” said Kineavy.

“Hostess” was the word that caught the attention of the NYC Commission on Human Rights which monitors such ads.

WPIX reports that the Italian restaurant Sistina, a popular Upper East Side staple for more than three decades, is accused of gender discrimination in its ad, and was slapped with a $5,000 fine.

“This is insane to accuse us of something, cause we don’t do that,” said Giuseppe Bruno, owner of Sistina. “At least give us a warning.”

In its complaint, the Commission said it had one of its own employees reply to the ad in two emails with attached resumes—one from a man, the other a woman. The Commission claimed only the woman’s email was opened, but on one specific day—August 22.

“Whether the male’s was opened on that day is in question. But it was 100 percent opened and reviewed,” said Kineavy, who works both as an assistant to the restaurant owner, and hostess.

She said the restaurant didn’t respond to either applicant, because neither was qualified.

The Commission on Human Rights released the following statement:

“In New York City, it is illegal under the Human Rights Law to express a preference for one protected class over another in an employment advertisement. In the Sistina case, Commissioner testers spotted an allegedly discriminatory ad that requested a specific gender to fill a position. The Commission filed a complaint and the case is currently under investigation. It is a normal practice for the Commission to try to settle cases at every stage of the process.”

Bruno vows to fight the fine.

“It was an honest mistake,” he said.


  • Denise

    Good Lord, what has this country come to? It was a mistake! And one I feel is crazy! Male/female what’s the difference anymore?! Would if it was a cross dresser? That will be the next complaint. Our forefathers are turning over in their graves! Our country is out of control. Death row inmates get to use our money to pay for stupid things like I need more time outside! Well why didn’t you think of that before you raped and murdered!?!? The dead person has no rights any longer so neither should YOU! Rot in hell!

  • athynz

    It’s funny how the party of peace, love, and tolerance is nothing but – this P.C. movement, the zero tolerance movement, and the whole “big brother” this is all them.

      • athynz

        athynz, your stupidity is well documented. Now shut up like a good stupid little fat hobbit.”

        What is well documented is your ignorance, cowardice, feeble insults, trolling, and stalking. Now make me shut up – if you actually have the stones to do more than cower behind your keyboard. But like a good little liberal lapdog you’ll come back with some lame attempt at insult because I dared to say anything bad about the party of your messiah.

      • David

        athynz … no one cares what you say. You are too stupid and too ugly to take seriously. You are only an annoyance. It is a shame smelly short fat hobbits are not put down at birth.

      • athynz

        athynz … no one cares what you say.”

        Now I’mma let ya finish but I gotta say that you must care what I say as you comment on every single post I make on this site.

        “You are too stupid and too ugly to take seriously.”

        And yet here you are taking me seriously. Amusing really. But please do continue your whiny little rant David.

        “You are only an annoyance.”

        And yet you go out of your way to either comment to me or about me. Why is that, David?

        “It is a shame smelly short fat hobbits are not put down at birth.”

        You know hobbits are not real, right? That they are a made-up race in a work of fantasy written by J.R.R. Tolkein. You do know the difference between real and make-believe, right David? Oh wait, your messiah has not given you the answer to that yet has he?

  • Charles Garrett

    It just shows theNYC Commission on Human Rights is a front for criminals in government agencies just looking for any angle to steal from the general public. Shut the agency down and fine each one of the staff for crimes against the community.

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