VCU students join nationwide protests in reaction to Ferguson decision

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As the Ferguson grand jury's decision was announced Monday night, protesters around the country -- who had begun to gather hours earlier -- responded.

Around 11 p.m. students gathered in front of the Virginia Commonmwealth University library, at Schafer Court. After rallying chants, the group began marching over to Broad Street. Police have arrived on scene. Demonstrators remained peaceful, shouting various chants: "No justice, No peace."

Students walked down sidewalks as police drove beside them on Broad Street. The group continued east over to Grace Street, and assembled in front of the Richmond Police Department. A moment of silence was held for Michael Brown, the 18-year-old fatally shot by officer Darren Wilson on August 9.

The crowd then raised their arms and began singing Amazing Grace.  Students from Virginia Union University joined the group.

In New York, a roving crowd wound its way through the city, surging to more than 1,000 in Times Square before heading toward the Upper West Side, CNN's Miguel Marquez tweeted.

Earlier in the evening, about 200 people flocked to Union Square, brandishing signs that read, "Jail killer cops," and a large display, in lights: "Black lives matter."

Protesters knocked down barricades and headed toward the West Village before turning north, accompanied by police.

Emotions boiled over in Philadelphia, too.

"Shouts of "f--- the police" at word of no indictment," a Philadelphia Inquirer reporter tweeted. "A man with the mic: 'we don't need to get mad.' Others: 'yes we do!'"

In Oakland, California, shop owners posted signs in their windows, "We support Michael Brown," as marchers took to the streets.

A crowd filled the intersection at 14th and Broadway, and some demonstrators laid their bodies down in chalk outlines, reports on social media showed.

Similar scenes of a "die-in" were staged in downtown Seattle.

"Same story every time, being black is not a crime," protesters shouted, according to a report from CNN affiliate KIRO.

In Washington, D.C., a large crowd assembled outside the White House, with some protesters lying down on Pennsylvania Avenue. In Los Angeles, a city still scarred by the riots of 1992, the police department was put on "tactical alert."

A group also assembled in front of the Colorado Capitol in Denver calling for nonviolence, according to CNN affliate KMGH.

The Chicago Tribune reported that some 200 protesters gathered outside the city's police headquarters, chanting "We are Mike Brown!" and "I am Mike Brown!" They also carried signs, the paper reported, bearing phrases like "Won't stop 'til we get justice," "Killer pigs must pay," and "Stop the racist killer cops."

Later they marched through downtown before stopping at the State of Illinois Center, where they chanted into bullhorns. Chicago police scrambled to keep up.

Protests around the country appeared to be largely peaceful, compared to the scenes unfolding in Ferguson. There, demonstrators set police vehicles ablaze and officers fired canisters into the crowds.

In Atlanta, birthplace of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., the streets appeared largely quiet. But at Morehouse College, where about 200 students gathered to hear the grand jury's decision, a collective gasp rippled through the crowd.

Some of the students at the historically black men's school looked at one another in disbelief, others started to tear up, and a few stared ahead as their jaws dropped.

Police sirens wailed in the distance as the students chanted: "Ferguson's hell is America's hell."

Kevin Harvey, a senior dressed in a blue blazer, button-down shirt and penny loafers, walked away from the demonstration with his head down. He said he was angry and bewildered by a storyline that's become all too familiar.

"I'm afraid to raise my son in this country," he said. "When I do have a family, I'm afraid to raise him in this country and that's a terrible thought. Because I know that he is not valued."

When asked his reaction to the verdict, Harvey tried to sort through his emotions.

"Confusion, anger, and generally just being upset," he said. "I'm scared and frustrated."

Long before the grand jury decision was shared, announcing that Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for the murder of 18-year-old Michael Brown, the nation held its collective breath.

As the sun set back East, people rose up -- hours before the decision was announced after 9 p.m. EST.

More than 120 vigils and gatherings, both immediate and for Tuesday, were organized in cities large and small. From Toledo, Ohio, and Bangor, Maine, to Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Detroit, details have been shared on the Ferguson National Response Network.


    • Ms. Richmond

      Yes Phil so am I. The world asume black children don’t know how to act but they are so wrong. They are the ones putting their education first and proving to the world they will come out on top. It the white kids go to college and choose to party and get in trouble. So yes good for the student at VCU.

    • Lisa

      E Marshall from a look at your bio…it’s obvious u can walk down the street without having to worry …this cannot be said for all “AMERICANS”.. I’m proud VCU students chose the non – violent way to express their opinion….they have shown a maturity you could NEVER understand…

      • kim

        A peaceful protest, that’s what. Are you mad because they don’t side with you? Everyone wont side with you. It doesn’t make their protest any less wrong or right. They have the right to protest whichever side they’re on.

      • Violet Miller

        My question exactly. I guess they are proud so many idiots would rather have thugs and looters than a civilized nation with law and order. I am very ASHAMED of VCU tonight. I’ve lived in Richmond my whole life and thought that the blacks here had good sense. Guess I was wrong. Do you know how funny it is that they are played like a violin all the time by that racist, tax dodging Al Sharpton. I bet EVERY speech he ever made had KEY words in there, like UNARMED BLACK BOY, WHITE POLICEMAN and my all time favorite ” NO JUSTICE NO PEACE”. He makes money off of starting BS like this and they can’t even see it. They are like sheep who cannot think for themselves. Sad.

    • E Marshall Buckles

      To “Wiseman”, bud, I am not the one who needs to “grow up”. To Lisa, no, ma’am, there are a lot of places I cannot walk down the street without worrying. I also have to disagree with you because it seems to me that the VCU students are showing great immaturity and have not thought this through.

    • Mo Fiscal conservatism

      It could be anything on the news and these kids would protest. It’s kind of annoying because they have no idea what they are talking about.


    “Kevin Harvey, a senior dressed in a blue blazer, button-down shirt and penny loafers” What was the purpose of describing what he wore?

  • E Marshall Buckles

    As I listened to the findings of the Grand Jury, as I understood it, there seemed to be evidence that after he STOLE the box of cigars from the involved store, Brown apparently went up to the police car and attempted to assault the officer. It also sounded to me like he may have tried to assault the officer a second time while they were on foot. If he had surrendered to the officer, he might have still been alive, probably would have gotten off on probation or maybe a few months in jail. I am truly sorry that Brown was killed, I wish that he would have lived and tried to turn his life around. Even so, given what seemed to be his attitude, I have to wonder if, had he been successful in assaulting the police officer, he might have gone on to worse crimes. Seems to me, based on the Grand Jury report, if Brown had not gotten killed in his confrontation with the police officer, given what appeared to be his attitude, he might have gotten killed later on by another criminal or during another altercation with the police. May God have mercy on his soul.

    • Richard the Lionheart

      “He might have gotten killed later on by another criminal or during another altercation with the police” That is quite a bold assumption is it not? Your speculation is completely unfounded and demonstrates nothing but arrogance on your part. Do you approach every situation with such bigotry? I pray that God gives you the strength to live as an honest man. You’re as much of a sinner in the eyes of God as is Michael Brown. Hubris is a cardinal sin, Marshall. It is you that needs God’s mercy.

    • Ms. Richmond

      E Marshall who soul are you asking God mercy for? Police Wilson is the one will need mercy. The dumb #### that you saying you need .ercy as well.

    • USASAM


  • em

    People everywhere have an absolute right to protest the injustice in how police murder blacks in this country. They go into predominately black neighborhoods armed to kill the unarmed. This would have been an indictmentif the same situation happened here in cary town with a black officer and a white teen. When we stop looking at black kids as inherently bad and thugs as most of the posters on this site seem to think, then we might just get somewhere with race relations in america. It amazes me that whirtes commit crimes and are treated as though they are just good people who never do anything wrong. As if crime is so out of character for them. When a black person does something…even a minor thing, they face death or severe brutality at the hands of the law and character assassination atthe hands of the media. Its a sad and ugly truth that continues to perpetuate the devaluation of black life. God created all men equal. Het off of your

    • manlishi

      Would’t it make more sense to rally behind a someone better than this particular feral animal. Michael Brown is burning in hell where he belongs.

    • Daryle Panek

      You know what the injustice here is your support for a POS who without a doubt assaulted a police officer, which this officer was NOT indicted by a Grand Jury. Why don’t you address the black on black killings that happen everyday more of that happens than cops killing black men that do not obey the laws.

    • B ADDY

      Laughable drivel.
      The thug bit off more than he could chew and paid for it. Maybe when blacks stop committing crime at a rate 3x higher than any other group you may have a leg to stand on.

      • kim

        Match your percentages that you love to throw out there with hundreds of years of free labor, hundreds of years of being denied education, hundreds of years of mental and physical abuse, only being treated somewhat equal for about 60 years and I’d say the percentages you love to quote is pretty even with that of whites!

      • Beckyh

        The FBI has all the hiddeCn, profiled protected, Public Records. The “National Level Legal Eagles” have
        privy access to .all the substantiated facts, stats, evidence. In 6 years, they know;, but pretend, They Don’t
        Have a Clue. Clues there ARE Transparent Problems with their chosen favorites; their illegals and their lawless,

      • kim

        yes, I look around and I don’t see grass huts and dirt floors…I see the white house, the state capitol, the Monticello,etc…all the prominent buildings built by black hands…for free. And people are still making money off of it to this day…tourism, etc. People taking field trips and marveling at the sites. Yea, I see it all.

      • Someone

        Blacks say they feel oppressed. Today we have a Miss Black USA. Black Scholarships. All black colleges. Black History Month. And if a white person says something regarding the ferguson case, or if they agree with the Grand Jury’s Decision, Then they are considered racist…I mean come on. If white people can not voice their opinions, it seems like they are oppressed…

      • kitty

        most crimes blacks commit are none violent …so its okay to shoot a unarmed male record…who just so happen to want to be on a cop for no reason and no evidence of him every struggling or fighting a cop…but if a white armed serial killer kills innocent kids at school or out shopping or at work and cops dont get killed but just tazzed and sent to jail…you all are missing the point yes we do have black on black crimes but you all do the same kill your spouses…kids ..and strangers….sad for you white people that dont get the point …

  • Timmy__Buttt__Phucked__By__Family__Court

    Lol! Bunch of spoiled college kids protesting. They’ll see things differently when they enter the real world and start paying taxes. In the meantime, to show their support, they should all rent apartments next door to Gilpin court But Sheeple, listen to me.

    None of this matters. What matters is that in America, little girls can still grow up, get married, and then make false allegations of abuse. Then they can collect child support, lifetime alimony, and get the mortgage paid for by a man working three jobs to survive. That’s how it works.

    This is every woman’s dream, and let’s make sure it comes true. Afterall, this IS America. God bless the USA.

      • B ADDY

        LOL!!! Bad laws Kim?? What an idiot. Attacking police should be legal?? Robbing store owners should be legal??
        Wayyyyy behind the evolution curve.

      • kim

        Him robbing the store had NOTHING to do with him being shot by the cop. Yes, bad laws. Because the jury had no choice but to not indict because in Missouri deadly force can be used under minimal circumstances. Also, 9 white jurors, 3 black. Guess how many votes they needed for him not to be indicted? 9!

    • Violet Miller

      Yes, evidently. Some people cannot and will NEVER accept the truth. Darren Wilson did NO WRONG. Saint Michael wanted to bully someone else after the store clerk. I believe EVERY SINGLE WORD Officer Wilson said.

  • AP

    In a couple weeks everyone will forget about this, kind of like everyone forgot about george zimmermann and everyone before him.

    • kim

      No, they wont. Any no one forgot about Zimmerman. Just because its not in the news any more doesn’t mean everyone forgot. Media sheep, smh. Do you not know that the WAY the news is present and WHAT news is presented is a way to control the way you think?

      • CRUSHING

        Kim there’s no need to argue with these krackers. Manalishi bytch a $$ will burn in hell and that dumb whore B Addy is as retarded as they come!!!! Crooked Kracker cops are MURDERING black boys and men. This shyt is gonna stop!!!

  • Becky

    This is Clearly a choreographed and staged Nationwide Production Number by all Obama’s arms and armies to
    Forward to Martial Law to ALL Power for “Obama, The ONE & ONLY, as new era Governance.
    “What’s Law and Government’s Due Processes Got To Do With IT?”, IF, IT is REFUSED, routinely,
    as “The Democratic WAY”? Democrats established “Justice Just For US and Our Chosen Favorites ONLY”,
    under ALL “Profiled Protections”, with Self-Ordained ABSOLUTE IMPUNITY of any and all Responsibility!

  • kim

    The white cop did not win! he has no life after this. He is stressed, depressed, a marked man, he is going through so much mental anguish. He will never be right. The stress will kill him if nothing else……maybe another person, maybe himself. Time will tell.

  • Mo Fiscal conservatism

    You can tell from the pictures, most of them are just there to take pictures and tag themselves on Facebook. “Hey friends at home!! Look what serious stuff I’m involved in at college!!”. It’ll be forgotten in a week…

  • B ADDY

    Crushing use your IQ of 16 and worry about blacks that kill each other at phenomenal rates just because someone got dissed , or had a gold tooth that someone else wanted , or a pair of Nike’s . Not a peep from you about that?

  • R B Moffett

    Like the vast majority of those who post, write, or voice opinions about Mr. Brown’s death, I do not know the facts and have no first-hand knowledge of the evidence. So, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, I must accept the decision of the Grand Jury as being based on the law, the facts, and evidence. Others should do likewise – that is the rule of Law.

    Incited by by sloppy/inaccurate and/or biased reporting in the media, “professional” outside agitators, and those willfully promoting racial confrontation, many well-intentioned people have formed and voiced opinions when they do not know and do not have access to all the facts. I find it interesting, however, that the “Al Sharpton’s”, ” Jessie Jackson’s” and others habitual agitators – regardless of their race – cry for “justice” incessantly but are completely unwilling to accept the well-considered decision of the Grant Jury which did have access to all the facts and evidence.

    To professional racial-agitators, “justice” is Justice only when it results what they wish to happen notwithstanding that these agitators do not know all the facts.

    I do not blame misinformed or ill-informed protesters who honestly believe what they are saying: the blame lies squarely at the feet of media representatives who fan the flames to promote a divisive agenda, sell advertising, increase ratings, outside agitators who do likewise with no regard for the law, facts, or evidence. Regrettably, in today’s society there is far too much sloppy, inaccurate, biased reporting and a severe lack of credible, well-researched news reporting. Too often there are more hours of “news reporting” scheduled than there is real news reported according to the highest journalistic standards.

    Most “news” shows -everywhere – local, network, and cable – have become primarily entertainment.

    • Sam

      No, you can not blame the media for everything, especially this. Media has sensationalized events throughout history, for many years worse than it does now. One has to use intellect and filters to arrive at the true facts. Unfortunately, not many Americans are capable of independent thought.

      • R Moffett

        Sam: You are certainly entitled to form and express your own opinion. As I noted originally, I am not privy to all the facts – and it is likely you, also, are not. That said, unless one has credible evidence that attorneys directly involved in the case are liars, the media clearly reported “eyewitness” accounts based on rumor and hearsay from those who admitted they were not “eyewitnesses” after all and whose stories were proven to be erroneous and inconsistent with the evidence and accounts of actual eyewitnesses .

        Rumors have no place in responsible journalism, a term that is increasingly is becoming an oxymoron. So yes, we can and should blame the media in this case. The media, collectively, earned the blame.

  • BO

    Bowing down to lowlife trash.the new America.the law no longer will protect white America.they can’t protect themselves.

  • Gotding

    If these “students” are that “stupid”, then they need to drop-out now, so as to not waste any more of their parent’s money.

  • SAM

    VCU Students need to go back to class and LEARN how to LISTEN! – Not respond by walking the street like idiots! Apparently NOBODY received the full TRUTHFULL story of what actually happened! All the people that gave the made up “eye witness” stories – should be arrested also! It just goes to show you what barbarians the people in Ferguson are! Where do you think the money comes from to pay for all the damage they do – their own tax’s pay for it!The News media need to also get their reporting news straight – they did a big part in spreading lies! The so called “black citizens” of Ferguson are showing their true nature! Loot & Steel – just like the thugs they all are! ARREST THEM ALL!
    It’s always has to be “Oh – I am Black – so I was wronged by the white man!” – if it was “white vs. white” or “black vs white” nobody would have even known about the shooting! Ferguson just makes all “black” people looks like thieving, untrustworthy people. The Black race need to take lessons from the Jews on how to live like a normal citizen!

  • Linda Maroney

    Whether I agree with the protesters in Richmond or not they have a right to express their feelings. They were peaceful last night and I don’t doubt they will be peaceful tonight. The Richmond & VCU police have allowed them to do this safely and without harrasment. It appears that the protesters in Richmond understand that violence does not solve anything, it only hurts the innocent

  • Paula

    Manishl, B addy, daryle, E marshall, chris and lee your mom should have aborted you. Each of you is taking space up in this world that someone with more understanding could have. Go stand in front of a train. Not even your mom would care.

  • Violet Miller

    I am so ashamed of Richmond. I thought we were smarter than to fall for the poor Saint Michael BS. He did wrong, he died. But at least I hear the protesters here are protesting because they wrongly feel the no indictment was the wrong decision, not just to get free Christmas gifts. Still, I am very disappointed in Richmond. Even though am white I live in a mostly black neighborhood now and have for most of my life. Never had any trouble and we all get along. All MB had to do was say ” Yes sir, Officer.” and get out of the street. Instead he decided to continue with his day of crime and attack a police officer. HE decided his fate, no one else.


    The guy was a bully shoplifter that punched a cop…….VCU….This is ‘BULLRAM; class of ’79…..NEWS FLASH ….VCU’s Urban Campus is being terrorize by young black men…..28-out of 29 armed robberies were conducted by young black men per victim’s description reported by RT-D……yall are supporting the “very bad spirit” that is robbing yall….HAVE YALL LOST YOUR FREAKING MINDS?

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