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Family fights to save pit bull from being ‘impounded’

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A Louisiana family is fighting to protect its beloved pit bull from a “vicious dogs” ordinance.

Joanna Armand started an online petition to protect pit bull Zeus from an uncertain fate.

The petition asks the village of Moreauville to reverse a “vicious dog” ban against pit bulls and rottweilers. It has drawn nearly 40,000 signatures.

Zeus is far from a vicious dog, Armand told CNN Alexandria affiliate KALB. He provides love and support for her children, especially daughter O’Hara, who is confined to a wheelchair.

“If anything ever happened to him, I would just shut down,” O’Hara told KALB. “The breed is not vicious… It is the way that you raise them.”

The village of Moreauville passed an ordinance in October banning pit bulls and rottweilers as of December 1.

Owners of the animals received a letter saying that pets found within the corporate limits of Moreauville after that date will be “impounded and transported to a veterinary clinic for further disposition,” according to a letter posted on the family’s Facebook page.

The mayor and alderman of Moreauville did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment. Alderman Penn Lemoine told KALB that the ordinance was created to placate residents in the small village.

“We had several residents that were complaining about not being able to walk along the neighborhoods because these dogs were basically running along town,” Lemoine said, according to KALB.


  • Kenny

    I dont understand people they think all pit bulls are dangerious well there not the breed is not dangerous its the person who raises them any dog can turn on you no matter the breed its dumb stupid retarted people who think every pit pull is mean or vicious stop banning them is stupid thats like banning a family member people who have high athourity think there better than everyone thats why they do it but leave pit bulls alone they are sweet dogs they are family animals

    • athynz

      “JOEY B
      Kenny, it is you who is “retarted”.”

      Is that what you resort to – insults when someone disagrees with you? Face fact there Joey, it is how the dogs are raised. Yes there are vicious pit bulls just as there are vicious retrievers.

  • Paula

    I think every state should enforce that rule. Pitbull are for bullies and fools. If they don’t start off being a danger sooner or later they will.

    • athynz

      Paula it’s not the breed but how the dog is raised. Kenny was out of line with the “retarded” remark but I can understand the frustration. People said the same things about other breeds back in the day – Dobermans and German Shepherds were considered to be vicious dogs and yet they aren’t on this list. Raise a dog right and it can be the most gentle loving pet and companion. Raise it to fight and that is what it will do.

  • Ms. Richmond

    Kenny with your keen mind you sound stupid just like the sixth grade dropout that you are. Maybe pitbulls are like your family members but our family don’t turn on eachothers and go after people thoats like pits do. Enjoy your pit and I will read about you one day. being in the ER. Kenny I bet you are just talking big. You probably wouldn’t own one either.

    • Megan

      Ms Richmond. I don’t want to attack you. So I will not. I do own one. She is the most loving sweet animal. She’s is beyond patient and gentle w/our 1 year old. So I find your comments to be offensive. And extremely negligent in the fact that many innocent animals could suffer (euthanized, not adopted, etc) because of your slander. There are almost 200k people (many which own the breed) who have now banded together to stop this. And will attest to how wonderful these members of our families are. Please choose your words wisely.

    • Daniel

      You are one ignorant person ms Richmond. Either you hate animals all together or probably have 10 cats. My pit bull is the most loving animal ever. I would trust him with my life! You have probably never even seen a pitbull in real life is my guess. Keep reading what the news tells you, haha. People like you who trash talk the breed as a whole are worse than a dog attack. People yell and curse at me when I walk my dog around the block BC he is a pit bull. And he just smiles and wags his tail and keeps going. You are the problem not the dogs. Imagine if someone bashed something you love so much the way you sit there and bash a breed of dog many love and consider family, how would you feel? Probably not good. So educate yourself and stop being ignorant. Do some research and maybe just maybe you will learn something about how NOT viscous pitbulls are.

  • John

    It’s sad to see Americans kill these dogs base on their breed- race. Why don’t the mayor use that logic with the Catholics for their molesting ways.

  • Kenny

    I have one she is the sweetest thing ever and i say this because i have see a yorkie maul someone. I just think its funny how everyone thinks put bulls are mean its the owner not the animal its like michael vick he was a messed up person for what he did to thos pit bulls i saved my pit bull from being killed because like i said everyone thinks they kill anything they can some may but not all of them. People hear pit bull and the think mean animal people wont give them a chance but i have the thank everyone for those comments


    The BREED is not dangerous its the dumb people bringing the dogs up in their homes who MAKE them dangerous. I have had a pit from eight months old & is the most loyal, sweet, caring LAP DOG you will ever come across. She is around children & other animals constantly giving nothing but love. It’s a sad thing to see people ban a breed of dog based on peoples poor judgement. Half of the world doesn’t even deserve to have an animal – they can’t even take care of the monkeys running around in their family.

  • Kenny

    Its just funny how one person will say that are vicoius breeds and then everybody joins in thy dont take time to even sit down with a pitbull i mean saying they wanna ban a pitbull is stupid how would they like is if someome came to them amd said i ban your dog or cat pr whatever animal you have? Its not right they are great dogs thats why these resque groups fight so hard to save pits and its sad that americans wanna kill them

  • Ms. Richmond

    Mmmm Kenny if you did graduate from high school then you should know that the letter I should be capitol. Did you go to a real school or was you home school by a family member??

    • AEDIFJ

      Ms “Richmond” you put Richmond to shame with your smelling & grammatical errors – I am pretty sure there is spell check. You need to get off the man & his family & worry about yours. He is stating a simple OPINION – it is for NO ONE else to judge HIS opinion. Obviously you hate animals – & most people that aren’t keen to animals are worthless.

      • AEDIFJ

        PAULA -go to work, do some work, go hook up with Ms. Richmond & continue wasting your breath. You two are absolute fools & its people like yourselves who need to be euthanized not these animals. Are we here to speak correctly or state opinions? You should do some research on ALL dog breeds before you go running your mouth – animal hater. ALL dogs can & will be vicious if brought up in that environment – ALL being the keyword there. The breed is not dangerous it’s IDIOTS who raise them. Maybe if people who can’t raise a NORMAL child wouldn’t get them a “pet” we wouldn’t be in situations like this. If you can’t understand animals – then you shouldn’t have them.

  • Kenny

    Are you really gonna stoop that low insulting me and my family i went to public school amd im not gonna capitaliz every letter just to make someone like you happy and this wasnt about my spelling or punctuation its about dogs so i would appreciate it of you leave me and my family out of this

    • AEDIFJ

      Kenny don’t even worry about worthless little insecure people like the ones commenting. They are here to start arguments because they obviously have nothing better to do. MOST of the world is out making a living, not living off the government like I am 100% sure Ms. Richmond is.

    • Paula

      Awwww Keenhead Kenny and Applehead Aedifj I didn’t meant to make you all cry. I am sorry. I will let you play in my sandbox. Just don’t throw sand on manlishl and kenny like you did the last time.

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