Woman dies after officer-involved shooting in Henrico

‘We felt sick,’ say bicyclists who heard crying, then made shocking discovery in storm drain

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The bicyclists were on a morning ride Sunday when they heard a shocking sound coming from somewhere below them: a baby crying.

They lifted a slab off a storm drain beside the bike trail and discovered a newborn boy, police in Blacktown, Australia, said.

"We felt sick. We just wanted that baby to know ... that it was OK," Hayley Otte told CNN affiliate Seven Network.

Police say rescuers reached the baby, who was 2.5 meters (more than 8 feet) underground at the bottom of the drain in this suburb of Sydney.

Now the newborn is hospitalized in serious condition and a 30-year-old woman has been charged with attempted murder, New South Wales Police said in a statement.


She was denied bail and did not appear for a scheduled court appearance Monday, Australian media reported. The matter was adjourned to be heard in Penrith Local Court Friday.

Investigators allege the baby, who is 7 days old, was placed in the drain the day after he was born and spent days inside before Sunday's rescue.

Hours after their morning bike ride, Otte and her father went to visit him in the hospital, carrying a stack of baby clothes.

"He doesn't have family," she told Seven News, "so we wanted to try to give him as much as we can, to know that he's got something."



  • Meagen

    I would give the world to have my son back, he passed away from SIDS in May 18, 2014. These stories break my heart. When there are people like me that would love and care for the baby. I will never understand how a mother could hurt her own baby. If you cant care for your baby there are places like hospitals, police departments ect. That will help, take your gift from god and give your baby to a loving home.

  • Misty Soyars Dooley

    I hope they lock her up for good!! what is WRONG with people??!! if you dont want the baby at the LEAST drop it off at a hospital or police station!! Or better yet….if u dont want a baby, keep ur legs closed!!!!!

  • beth

    So sad that this mother tried to murder her 7 day old son…In reading the comments – everyone is appalled that a mother could do such a thing to their child. But if this occurred just a few weeks earlier, this would be considered a “woman’s right” to have an abortion. My heart breaks for the little ones who never even receive the “right” to breathe their first breath

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