Teen who killed VUU student questions judge over ‘harsh’ prison sentence

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RICHMOND, Va. -- The teenager who shot and killed a Virginia Union University student asked a Richmond judge why he received such a harsh sentence. "Because you took a life," Judge Richard Taylor told Willie Daquan Lee, 19,  after he handed down the teen's prison sentence.

Willie Daquan Lee was sentenced to 44 years in prison.

Willie Daquan Lee was sentenced to 44 years in prison.

Willie Lee had previously admitted to the February 2014 murder of Virginia Union University student Kahron Lee, no relation. Willie Daquan Lee pleaded guilty to Kahron Lee's murder this past summer.

Willie Lee told the court the night he killed Kahron Lee, he had been walking around Richmond for four hours looking for someone to rob. He said he found Kahron Lee walking near VUU and shot the student in the back as he walked away. Even telling friends Kahron "bucked" at him, forcing Willie Lee to react.

After the deadly shooting Willie Lee went to a friend's house to play video games.

The next evening, Willie Lee broke into two homes. During one of the burglaries Willie Lee admitted to taking a bottle of bourbon. While binge drinking, Willie Lee told friends what he had done. The U.S. Marshal’s Regional Fugitive Task Force arrested Willie Lee on March 11 on unrelated charges. Soon Willie Lee was connected to the Kahron Lee killing.

Virginia Union student Kahron Lee was killed in February.

Virginia Union student Kahron Lee was killed in February.

In court Friday afternoon, Willie Lee's defense attorney Devika Davis asked the judge to sentence her client to 20 years for the murder. Telling Judge Taylor, Willie Lee had a difficult up-bringing, she explained that Willie Lee has eight siblings and had to fend for himself when he was a child. Davis told the court Lee's mother was addicted to drugs and was in and had been in and out of jail since Lee was a child. As for Lee's father, the two oftentimes lived in homeless shelters and at one time lived inside a shed. Davis said although Willie Lee was over 18, he was in many ways "still a child." Willie Lee's parents were not in court Friday.

The judge listened as both the Commonwealth's Attorney and the defense lawyer spoke. In the end the judge said "this is a tragedy for both families." However Judge Taylor said Willie Lee could not blame his tough childhood on taking a life. The judge then asked Willie Lee if he had anything to say to the court. Willie Lee, already standing, turned to the victim's family and apologized. He told them he was ready to face the punishment from the court. Willie Lee also asked for forgiveness saying he didn't want Kahron's family to see him as a "hoodlum or thug."

In total Lee was given 40 years for first degree murder, 10 suspended; 20 years for robbery, 14 suspended; 3 years mandatory for a firearms offense (1); and 5 years mandatory for a firearms offense (2). He will have to serve 44 of those years. As Judge Taylor was handing down Willie Lee's punishment, he told Kahron Lee's family the approximately 70 impact statements written on behalf of the victim spoke volumes.

Kahron Lee was a member of the Virginia Union University track team. Police previously said Willie Lee killed Kahron Lee while trying to steal the Northern Virginia native's shoes.


  • Dave

    Honestly this really shows you how uneducated some people are. I think the kid really does not understand his actions and why the consequences are so even at age 18. 44 Years is actually too little for such a random, premeditated (…he was out searching for someone to randomly murder), and senseless murder. That question still would have been stupid even if he got the death penalty.

  • Manalishi

    Streotypical P.O.S. democrat has been told how “special” he is all his life. He murders another person then thinks jail time is “harsh”? Whats “harsh”, unfair, unjust, and oppressive would be the fact that useful Americans have to pay for this “chump” for 44 years. If there was justice in America/Virginia, he would be hanging from a light pole in front of VUU until the buzzards picked him clean.

    • tana

      As repulsive as that sounds,,,i cant say that i disagree with you ,,,the punishment should fit the crime,,this kid will be in his 60s and still a danger with this thought process when he gets out

    • Dominique

      It has nothing to do with being a Democrat and obviously, with the life he had, no one told him he was special. This had everything to do with a system and a family who failed to take care of him and failed to educate this young man and get him help early on in his life and him not making the right decisions. Democrat or not.

      • manlishi

        You just described the results of the democrats party net sum total. There’s only one reason why someone (you) would be willing to fully contradict themselves. Democrats are all the same. Maybe you should honestly review your own character.

      • Dominique

        No, the reason i said what i did is because i don’t understand why, whenever something happens, there is always that ONE person that has to either bring up race or a certain “party”. Don’t ASSume to know what party i affiliate myself with just because I’m not blaming a particular party for what took place. Whether I’m a Democrat, republican, independent, whatever, this has been an issue for the longest time regardless of who has been in office and before we blame a party we need to take a look at what direct individuals played a part in someone’s downfall. This young man needs to take responsibility for what he did and ppl who could’ve help prevent this need to realize where they feel short as well, whether it was his drug addicted mom or the ppl who should’ve contacted CPS when he was living in the street with his dad or his dad who should’ve took a different route. I don’t come on here to bash anyone or any party, that’s stupid and childish. If one is so angry about how a particular party is running things, then run for office yourself and change how things work or take an active roll and do what you can to help others or help your party change the wrongs that you feel so strongly about.

      • Dominique

        Further more, i don’t care for everything ANY party does. I actually volunteer and do things in my community to try and help others especially those who have been messed over by the system and who could possibly end up like this young man. Or could end up like him for any other reason. So because i won’t blame a particular party, that means I’m affiliated with that party? That’s stupid. Not all democrats are the same, not all republicans are the same, not all independents are the same, and so forth. Stop generalizing everyone because you only want to see what you want to see. Not everything is about a party or a race

      • manlishi

        Wow Dominikue. One would think that after this much of societal decline, you democrats could at least attempt to try to rationalize failure with an new type of “feel good” jargon that hasn’t been proven dysfunctional for the last 50 years. You cannot defend the liberal position that always has the same results without giving away you affiliation. Quit pretending,,you look silly when you do. And how dare you use the word “race” in your useless defense. Unless you want to justify that too.

  • Pam

    I agree with you all. Who cares if he had a rough upbringing. This sorry pos shouldn’t have had no time suspended just for being stupid. He’s been walking around for four hours trying to find someone to rob. Go get your dumb a $$ a job!!! Willie should have been in somebody’s school like Karon was getting his education. Instead he’s out committing crimes. He need more than 44 years.

  • Bob

    Great We lose a hard working honest person and are left with an uneducated violent animal. They should have given him a death sentence.

  • Bob

    Gee Timmy little bitter over your divorce eh? What’s the matter did you get cleaned out in the divorce? Maybe you should have gotten a better lawyer.

  • jenny

    Its sad that many of you want this guy dead. Why? A life for a life? Will that bring back the dead guy? Maybe, just MAYBE, this entire experience will be a wake up call to this misguided teen, and he WILL learn his lesson, to go on and educate other teens in what NOT to do. I pray that while he is incarcerated that he gets the therapy and true guidance that he needs to get his head on straight and realize the impact of his actions. Isn’t that what the “rehab” in “rehabilitation center” is supposed to mean?

      • manlishi

        BUULLLLSSS****T!! Enough with democrat drama. It cost more to incarcerate this animal than the average medial income in the US. You need to pay for these problems you obviously support out of your own pocket and give the honest working people some relief. Maybe you and Domonique can volunteer.

  • Belsma

    Go away. You are freaking ridiculous. You say you have to have 3 jobs. When in the world do you have time to do that while you are woman bashing on the net? Seriously. We all deserve an explanation since we have to waste our time reading through your woman bashing statements time after time.

    • Nicole

      Lol, Belsma I agree. Timmy is crazy as hell & I hope his wife find out he’s been talking about her and get more money….idiot. Well said Dominique, Manalishi is an idiot too. I wish he will just go away!!!!

    • Timmy__Is__Phucking__Disposable

      Belsma, I am sure you are living well at the expense of someone else. That’s how it works.

  • Meaghan

    Timmy, your wife is going to find out that you keep bashing her on news sites, she will sue you for defamation, and then you’re going to be giving her even more money

  • Paula

    Maybe if he had went to college like the victim he would have known why he got that amount of time. A dummie with a gun. Yes keep his ### lock up.

  • Paula

    Timmy don’t have a wife or a woman in his life. That is the reason why he dislike women. They rejected him mostly because he stupid. He probably was rejected by his own mom. Poor Timmy.

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