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Mom is mad after pizza man drops gun on front porch

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RICHMOND, Va. -- It was a pizza delivery unlike any Andrea Watkins has ever experienced.

On her surveillance video, Watkins said she spotted her delivery man waiting with her pizzas on top of his car.

"Once he looked up and he saw me he open the door he walked back over to me, asked me to sign the receipt," Watkins said.

But it was after he took the pizzas out of the bag that you could see the delivery man drop what appears to be a gun on Watkins' front porch right in front of her feet.

"I was in total shock," said Watkins, "I wasn't sure if he was delivering pizza or if it was going to be a robbery."

Andrea, who is four months pregnant, said the man kept his foot on the gun before picking it up. She said the man told her "my bad" and left.

Pizza gun 04

"My children were standing right behind me, so like I said, God forbid the weapon would have gone off, who knows what would have happened," she said.

Andrea said she called Pizza Hut right after the incident and said she was told weapons were not tolerated. Watkins said she received an email Thursday afternoon from Pizza Hut Customer Service and it stated they apologized for her experience and that someone would be in contact within the next three business days.

Watkins said she understands why a delivery driver may want to be armed for safety reasons, but calls this incident reckless.

"It should have been secured if he was going to have it concealed, and at the very least I feel like the store management should have handled it better than how they did," she said.

On Thursday a store manager refused to comment. A message left with the Pizza Hut corporate office has not yet been returned.


  • Meaghan

    My friend is a delivery driver for a pizza chain and he carries a gun with him as well. It’s needed but to have it someplace where it’s falling on ground is reckless

  • James Regal

    How many Pizza drivers been shot and killed????? So many you cant list them all on one page of a notebook paper…. So this lady needs to realize That we live in a Dangerous country in todays time…… She is just a gold digger looking for a check is all… I dont have a problem with him and trying to protect his life you need to show people your armed and will protect yourself….. We all know the stats if your know to carry a weapon on you or at your home your 98 percent less likely to be robbed or attacked.. The facts are what they are… Arm yourself America…

    • Jacob

      I totally agree with you. People need to be armed especially the way the world is today. My dad is always armed at all times. This why some men (or boys) need to have a concealed gun permit. Because, then everyone can be armed. But, before they can receive the permit. The police station needs to at least do a background check on the person to find out what has happened in there past. So they can’t do anything illegal or wrong with the permit. So, they can’t misuse it basically.

    • lee

      Having a gun wasn’t the problem James. The problem was it fell to the ground which could have easily went off and shot her or the kids .. she said she understood about the gun and yes she should have reported him because the gun should have been in a holster or something where that couldnt happen again.

    • Mo Fiscal conservatism

      I have epilepsy, so I’ve been unable to drive for several years. I live in a city and walk/take public transportation everywhere. I’ve never carried a gun and I’ve never been robbed. I am out in the streets more than most people and I’ve never been robbed. You all are just whiny and trying to justify your gun. It’s not that dangerous out there and I think I know better than you. Stop crying.

  • mbaker9105

    So the guys a dimwit. Next probably comes the lawyer suing Pizza Hut for her and her childrens “mental trauma”. How many other employees of companies put your life I danger everyday? That furniture truck that just had to beat that traffic signal; that state trooper that passed you on I-64 doing 80 miles an hour just because he can. Call Pizza Hut, make your concern known, eat your dang pie, and move on. No need for a news story. C’mon people, pull it together!

  • Me

    scared the gun would go off? If a gun were to fire every time someone dropped it…we would have a big problem. I guarantee that her and her kids have seen a gun before.

    • Latisha

      i think the point isn’t whether they’ve seen a gun before but that someone would be stupid enough to let it fall on the ground

  • athynz

    She should sue. She’s a victim. Every woman is a phucking victim. She’s been emotionally raped. That pizza man should pay her lifetime alimony and child support.”

    I see your war on women knows no bounds. Fortunately the only one to take your words as truth – rather than the whining it really is – is you.

    • Miss Lee

      Well maybe we should move in with u n u can take care of are family n how is every women a victim so what u saying is males are not a victim smh u probably a gold digger to god dont like ugly

  • me2

    Would this even be a featured article of not correctly color coded; with mad, angry, and lamenting,
    on a gun issue, with speed dial special access to media?

  • Miss Lee

    She needs to come out n tell the truth he kids was no where around when it happen and if u know that u have a delivery coming u need to put the dog up even if u know u can’t handle ur dog i see it like this delivery drive have a right to protect them self do u think a pizza delivery driver was going to rob someone foreal if they have the pizza uniform on and have the pizza in there hands come on now I hope she is happy cuz he lost his job and now are kids will not have a Christmas and we might get put out are house know how is he going to support his familywhats going to come next a lawsuit just out for a piece of change if u know that u have a delivery coming u need to put ur dog up if u know that u can’t handle ur dog n for miss peggy he do have a holster now dont u feel like a jack a** he has a family at home that he needs to take care of he has to small children that he do want to see go up n wants to come home to so can u blame him for wanting to protect his self. I hope she is very happy just out for a piece of change smh

    • Diane Lundy

      I’m going to take a guess and say you went to Richmond Public Schools or dropped out in the 4th grade. He made a mistake point blank period. How many doors does he knock on and people’s dog bark? He can’t be seriously using this as a reason to have a weapon out in the open and be stupid enough to drop it. He could have harmed someone trying to play the big bad delivery guy with a gun. To say this woman it out for a piece of change is ridiculous. Grown up & accept responsibility, maybe even apologize and move on. I’m sure he is doing more than working at Pizza Hut supporting 4 people. As a matter of fact, what do you contribute other than WIC, stale p^ssy and an EBT card? You are a waste of my tax payer dollars. Go file for your increase and try Rosetta Stone. Black Trash

    • Belsma

      I am going to be honest and say that your post was really difficult to get through. I had a hard time reading it. Not really sure what you are trying to say. Delivery guy messed up in my opinion and if that happened at my front door I would have been upset as well. Carry and conceal means just that.

  • Jim

    This lady may live in a nice neighborhood, I don’t know, but delievering pizza to some places is a dangerous job. Still he needs a better holster.

  • Kimmy

    I cannot blame him for wanting to be armed; however, he was careless with it falling… That being said, it makes me feel that he is someone who really SHOULDN’T be carrying a gun around.

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