Does Virginia really have the most expensive groceries in the US?

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RICHMOND, Va. -- A recently released study has some Virginians wanting to hold onto their wallets. The study, outlined in, showed Virginia has the highest grocery prices in the country. The study took into account prices of chicken breast, milk, apples and potatoes in all 50 states.

In Virginia, the tab for those items averaged nearly $28. In Idaho, the price was just under $10.

A price check of Richmond grocery stores found the in-town price to be closer to $15, nearly $13 less than what the study reported.

Experts with the Virginia Farm Bureau said the study did not support the trend they see. Farm Bureau spokeswoman Sherri McKenney said the higher prices reflected in the study were likely taken from grocery stores in Northern Virginia and isn’t reflective of the prices in Central Virginia.

McKinney said a recent market-basket study done by their agency revealed one thing that should give you some hope -- the price for a traditional Thanksgiving meal, in Virginia, comes in under the national average price.


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