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UVa. fraternity at center of rape allegation vandalized overnight

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CLICK HERE: Fraternity suspends activities, governor ‘deeply disturbed’ after Rolling Stone article on UVa. rape

CLICK HERE: Fraternity suspends activities, governor ‘deeply disturbed’ after Rolling Stone article on UVa. rape

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — The fraternity at the center of a Rolling Stone article about the “rape culture” at the University of Virginia was vandalized the day after the article made national headlines.

“Charlottesville Police responded to the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity located at 159 Madison Lane at 2:45 a.m. on November 20 for a report of vandalism,” Charlottesville Police wrote in a statement. “Responding officers met with members of the fraternity and together they surveyed the damage.”

“A number of windows had been broken with bottles and chunks of cinder block and a portion of the building had been spray painted,” the police statement continued. “Police officers collected evidence from the scene and the incident is under investigation.”

On Wednesday, UVa. president Teresa Sullivan issued a statement about the article which detailed how a UVa. student named “Jackie” was raped at the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house. The report explained that months after the incident, the student reported the gang-rape allegations to a UVa. dean. But, according to Rolling Stone, no official report was made.

Sullivan’s statement indicated the Rolling Stone article included many details previously not disclosed to University officials.

“I have asked the Charlottesville Police Department to formally investigate this incident, and the University will cooperate fully with the investigation,” Sullivan said.

The Rolling Stone article chronicling “administrative cover-up and apathy” towards rape at UVa. can be  read here.

Read President Sullivan’s statement in full, here.


    • J. Ericsson

      To say “high class whites” is ignorant, not the issue here. High class men do get away with this behavior and it is unfortunate. Yes they are mostly white because of the demographics of UVA. Let’s not turn this into a race issue!

  • Well Well

    curious.. I wonder if Jesse Matthews was involved in the “rape culture” so prevalent at UVA? Very interesting…

  • Joanne

    Since when do 2 wrongs make a right??? Yes, a few “boys” made a HORRIBLE choice, committed a HORRIBLE crime again a woman and the University’s response was AWFUL, but I am POSITIVE that there are many more GREAT MEN in Phi Psi than there are BAD boys! Isn’t it possible that the current brothers of Phi Psi can use this chain of events to create a better atmosphere for both the students and residents of C-ville??? Come on, these are very bright young men – they have not committed these crimes and have maintained a level of humility faced in this awful situation. I feel sad for the most recent pledge classes who had no knowledge of prior activities of a few “brothers”. I feel strongly that even if drunk or otherwise impaired, none of them would agree to commit a crime against a woman or any other crime!!

    • Anonymous

      Get a grip. Based on the comments they were making while raping “Jackie,” and the fact that older members casually watched and encouraged new pledges to do it, this seems to be part of a larger pattern of abusing women as a means of initiation. Suggesting that most of the boys are probably decent kids is only acting to defend a group that’s actively encouraged, or at least ignored, sexual violence and abuse on its premises. They should all be ashamed. Or, more accurately, they should be convicted.

      • Joanne

        I have a grip…. 1)The University administrators are awful! The perpetrators should be found and convicted! 2) Is it POSSIBLE that even if Jackie’s story is true, that maybe the journalist did some creative editing???? 3)Were you there? Are you a Phi Psi brother? Is it possible that maybe YOU don’t have all of the facts – how do you know that pledges were then or are currently, “actively encouraged, or at least ignored, sexual violence and abuse on its premises.”? Really??? even innocent brothers “… should be convicted.???” Maybe YOU need to get a grip!!!

    • ejeanette

      In the military, if one person in a division or unit does something horrible the entire unit is punished. You know what it does? It makes people watch out for what others are doing. It peer pressures them into acting right and it fosters the culture of honesty, courage and commitment that the military (or more specifically, the Navy) stand on. That is the tried and true way of creating a better atmosphere for the community and its residents.

    • You wrong tho

      It’s fairly clear you’ve never been around UVA or the fraternities. I’m fairly confident in saying that if they weren’t involved directly, they knew to some extent what was happening.

    • anonymous

      Are you fucking kidding me? She was gang raped on a pledge night? There were pledges that were admittedly peer pressured into taking part. If you don’t think this was a pervasive part of their fraternities culture and an initiation rite you are sadly mistaken. How many people do you think are in this chapter? 35? So she was only raped by 20% of their fraternity and you think that this means the other 80% are fine upstanding individuals?

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