Bakery owner won’t be charged for shooting ‘toy gun’ suspect 7 times during robbery

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CALUMET CITY, Illinois -- A suspect in a robbery of a Chicago-area bakery was hospitalized after the owner of the bakery open fired during the heist, according to a report on

It started Tuesday afternoon when two suspects entered the Calumet City Bakery, police said. One suspect was talking on his cell phone when he walked into the bakery. Once inside, he signaled to the second suspect who walked in behind.

The first suspect then pulled out a gun and announced he was robbing the bakery.

The clerk handed over cash, but the suspect then forced her to the back of the store.

That is where the bakery owner was waiting. He had seen everything on closed-circuit TV.

The owner shot the suspect seven times.

The suspects fled. The wounded suspect was later found a block away in his car.

It was then police determined he had been holding a toy gun during the robbery.

The second suspect has not yet been caught.

The bakery owner was not charged with a crime for shooting the "toy gun" robber.


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