Mother allegedly tortured 14-month-old with Q-tips because ‘he looks so similar to his father’

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MILWAUKEE, Wis. -- A 26-year-old Wisconsin woman has been charged with one count of physical abuse of a child — her own 14-month-old son.

The criminal complaint indicates that Jenna Schumacher brought her son to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin on November 5th. The child was admitted for chronic ear bleeding and perforated eardrums. Doctors indicated there was "no medical cause" for the ear injuries — and because of that, they were concerned this may be an abuse situation.

schumacher1[1]WITI reports that doctors and a child abuse specialist agreed to monitor the child in his hospital room via video surveillance — and instructed Schumacher "not to place anything into (the child's) ears."

On Nov. 14, the video surveillance revealed that Schumacher entered the child's room, reached into a pocket and pulled out a Q-tip. The complaint indicates she "violently forces the Q-tip into (the child's) right ear multiple times. (The child) is seen crying, struggling, kicking his legs and trying to get away from the defendant." About a minute later, Schumacher is seen doing the same thing.

Schumacher initially denied to investigators putting anything into the child's ears. But when confronted by the video surveillance, Schumacher told them "she began forcing Q-tips into (the child's) ears around the same time she broke up with (the child's) father." Schumacher also told investigators that sometimes she "can't stand to look at (the child) because he looks so similar to his father."

The victim

The victim

After further examination, doctors indicated the risk of permanent hearing impairment for the child is high.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke called Schumacher's actions sadistic.

“It turns my stomach. It sickens me. It makes you shudder to think someone would take a blunt object and shove it into your ear canal. It sends chills up your spine. The child tried to resist, but what’s a 14-month-old going to be able to do? This kid is probably going to grow up now with a hearing defect because of this,” Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said.

Jessica Meyer, one of Schumacher's friends, said she was shocked by theallegations.

“I’m devastated. I’m a mother of three and I can`t imagine age any parent inflicting such harm. I thought I knew this individual. I thought she was a good, kind-hearted person," Meyer said. "I didn’t know her to be this vindictive monster behind the curtains. She appeared to be a loving mother and good friend.”

If convicted, Schumacher faces up to 40 years in prison and $100,000 in fines.


      • marie

        Nope, this is not manalishitty. I am proving a point. He goes around a post democrats are all the same under stories about black people committing crimes, but he doesn’t do it on the whites.

  • Kathy

    Marie who says she is a Democrat? What she is, is an evil woman. She needs to never see that poor little boy again. And no, I am not a Democrat.

  • Sheila

    So the medical staff, left her alone in the room with the child…Just so they can see if she did anything” putting the child at risk, and maybe if that final act of abuse hadn’t occured his chance of hearing again may have been better ? Charge the medical staff with child endangerment.

    • Jennifer

      Without videotaped evidence to prove what she was doing the police cant arrest her or take her child away from her. Sad but true, the baby had to be abused on video to prove that she did it.

      • Will

        Exactly..otherwise the kid goes home with mommy and mommy continues to torture him and becomes more creative. There are other orifices she could damage. They had to get proof of the abuse so they could remove the child from her care and lock her away. Hopefully the case gets enough press where she gets jailed and other mothers that are locked up will really make her pay.

  • Eldonna Bryant

    that child needs to be removed for good. She is monstrous to take out on a child that he looks like his father. This is a sick woman but needs never to have another child! Tie her tubes!

  • Meg

    That poor baby! I hope they take away her rights as his mother and he is placed in a loving home…he really deserves to be loved

  • Will

    Sadly this is a common thing in society some women take out their frustrations on their baby daddies or children’s fathers on the child.

  • Glen Allen

    I am okay with the 40 years (which she will never get anyway), but I think her ability to hear should be medically taken away, and she should be forbidden to reproduce, or be left alone with children.

  • Timmy__Is__Phucking__Disposable

    Nothing will happen to her. Everyone knows that women aren’t accountable or responsible for their actions. I’m surprised she didn’t blame the kid’s injuries on the ex-husband so that she could collect more alimony and child support. Women tend to lie to leverage their position.

  • big baby

    NO,NO…….this can’t be true…..she’s white next thing they’ll be saying is that she’s on welfare and food stamps no no I refuse to believe this……

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