Former UVa. student: ‘I had to walk on campus with my rapist’

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WILLIAMSBURG, Va. -- A former University of Virginia student is opening up about her sexual assault at a frat party in 2010 in the wake of a high-profile Rolling Stone article detailing how the university handled a gang rape of a female student.

Kelly Organski, who for the first time Thursday told her story on television camera, said she was assaulted at a party at UVa. during her freshman year. Organski is speaking out in the wake of a Rolling Stone article that depicts a student being gang raped at a fraternity party of Phi Kappa Psi.

"I had to walk on campus with my rapist for the next two and a half years," Organski told CBS 6 reporter Joe St. George.

"There was no reprimand for him. He was on the athletic team. There was no coach that was ever notified," Organski said.


But Organski s

"I couldn't read all of it," Organski said.

Organski said nothing was ever done, even though she reported her assault to the police and to the university.

"Unfortunately because of the situation and alcohol was involved it became a he said-she said," Organski added.

While UVa. president Teresa Sullivan has said that school "takes seriously the issue of sexual misconduct," the University remains under federal investigation.


"There is a lot more that they can do," Organski said.

While she still loves the University, she would like to see more discipline as well as more encouragement for others to intervene if something appears questionable.

"I know a lot of women who left UVa. after they were assaulted," Organski said. "In universities almost no one is ever expelled for sexually assaulting another student."

Organski hopes her story will encourage other women come forward. And for women who may be struggling following an assault, she says they should join an organization because "it helps."

"Without those I probably would not have healed," she said.




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