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Virginia students walk out of class over ‘racist’ tweet

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NORFOLK, Va. -- High school students in Norfolk walked out of class this week after they discovered a racially-insensitive tweet on a school administrator's Twitter page.

A Booker T. Washington High School assistant principal reportedly retweeted a June tweet that was originally posted by the parody account @OrNahhTweets.

Students discovered the re-tweet last week on their new assistant principal’s Twitter page, WAVY-TV reports.

A group of students walked out of the school in protest on Monday.

"The students have spoken, and of course, the NAACP supports the students that action needs to be just and swift," Joe Dillard, Norfolk Branch NAACP President, said.

The School Board said it would review the matter and would not confirm whether the assistant principal was the person who sent the tweet.

"The School Board is aware and takes the allegations seriously," Norfolk School Board Chairman Dr. Kirk T. Houston Sr. told WVEC.com. "The Norfolk Public Schools administration is reviewing the matter for appropriate action."


  • tana

    sometimes you have to read the captions of the things you share,,,i have been guilty of that,,liking a photo and sharing it then realizing the person who shared it to begin with had made some snide remark over the picture,,,i would want to know if this administrator is guilty of writing the inappropriate and totally offensive caption,,or did he my mistake share what he thought was a good picture of some of his students without reading the caption?? benefit of the doubt is always best,,and an apology may be all thats needed,,not end a career over an oversight

      • Christian

        Get over yourself. If you have nothing intelligent to add to a discussion, then don’t say anything at all. That should keep YOU quiet for quite some time.

    • Ms. Richmond

      You all need to stop telling kids to get over things when someone hurt them. White people tongue get them in trouble. Those white fathers need to know that their daughters WANT those black boys. They are the ones that need to get over it.

      • Slawson

        Ms. Richmond . . . you make me laugh. “You” are perpetuating the bigotry and hate . . . and “your” opinion will not matter to the youth of today who “will” and “are” overcoming the bigotry of people like you :)

      • NYC2RVA

        The same can be said for black fathers. Black girls love the white boys. Just go to the fan and see all the VU ladies chasing those VCU and U of R white guys. I almost got jumped a few months back because a pretty Virginia Union girl was all over me and her friends didn’t like her talking to a “cracker”. They were livid when she left with me. It’s 2014, Ms. Richmond. Lose that hate you have in your heart and you will be a much happier person.

  • Manalishi

    Well boys and girls, i guess you learned what they really think of you. At least you learned this life lesson the easy way.

  • Slawson

    It will take the “kids” and general youth of today to get rid of the hate, discrimination and bigotry of “adults” (and government) of today (and the past).

    • oldvanner

      I work with shall we say “Minority ” kids and yes, they already do see life as their parents fight against hate . I am but one person in my community constantly pushing boundaries trying to explain to many who we are myself

  • BO

    I got railed at forever for dating black girls when I was younger.They are’nt like us and never will be was the most common statement.A lot of truth to it too.This cuts both ways and will never stop so stop the hate is a pipedream,get a real one you can succeed at.

  • Charles Garrett

    The culture of America is so Hollywood gangster evil and wicked that girls are brought up believing they are whores and guys are brought up believing they are gangsters. Any young person who dates no matter what race they date needs to understand that the mind in that person you are dating has been programmed to see you as nothing more than a whore. You are not going to find a decent person to be with unless you are willing to wait and grow into the decent person God want you to be. If you are a gangster go buy yourself a whore and be cursed in Hell. If you are a man or woman of God wait until God brings that special vessel of honor into your life. Let the gangsters and whores alone and avoid them no matter what race they are. Stay away Luciferean Freemason families if you want to avoid marriage into a cursed family.

    • Kate

      A comment like this is such a turn off for nonbelievers and gives Christianity a bad name. As a Christian, I believe, as should you, God loves those “gangsters and whores” just as he loves every other person in this world. It’s our job to show love and light to those that need it and pray they will turn their lives around, not bash them and tell them they will be cursed in Hell. Just so anyone reading this knows, Christian or not, you are so loved!

    • Slawson

      People like you are the precise reason we have the turmoil of today. It will only be when the youth of today have the dead weight of people like you off their shoulders that we can try/hope to become an accepting people who can look at each other without color, bigotry, discrimination and hate.

  • Tifany

    Smdh its a shame when kids can’t be kids and Adults can’t be Adults that’s why I stay to myself and try and stay positive and I hope the kids do the same

  • Kate

    “Seven white girls and seven young African American men” so you can say white but not black? This picture with this exact caption and ones similar are all over twitter and both white AND black twitter users retweet it ALL the time. Political correctness is making America soft. I can assure you those kids don’t really care, they will do anything to get out of class.. trust me, I’m one of them! The assistant principal can tweet/RT whatever he/she wants however I will say they should have at least made their account private.

  • grundlemonster

    This isn’t going to go anywhere in court, if it reaches that point. It probably looks racist to a racist person. However, to me the tweet was in response to the “little girls” growing up and going to homecoming or prom or whatever the occasion was and the stereotypical things that happen at/after homecoming/prom….”a dad’s nightmare”. People need to stop being so overly sensitive to every little thing in life.

    • marie

      You’re cute! If he was talking about a dad’s worst nightmare then why did he say “white dad”??? You tried to cover up for him, give him the benefit of the doubt—you failed miserably. What a horrible attempt.

  • Jamie

    same old stuff ..educated privileged..ignorant. She knew better so suffer the consequences. With a mentality like that I wonder if she is enhancing education or impeding it. Good call guys it was a racist remark, to make matters worse she thinks she’s right!

  • Christian

    Well, YOUR lack of intelligence and education is coming thru loud and clear. And get over yourself…you’re not as important or manly as you might “think” you are.

  • Meaghan

    I’m curious, what school is this? Honestly, I think it was a purposeful joke for all the black guys to get together like that and have their pics taken with the opposite race. I

    • marie

      Doesn’t sound racist to me. Its called tit for tat. You nice to me, I’m nice to you. You racist toward me, I’ll be racist toward you….See that two way street Linds?

  • Richard

    I’d say more like a BLACK GIRLS fathers worst nightmare, because all the black boys want them a white girl not a black one.

    • marie

      No, it’s definitely a white father’s worst nightmare. He cant stand the thought of that black anaconda going into his little girl. LOL—-Trust me, its the white girls wanting the black men!

  • marie

    My opinion, he retweeted it as a joke. Yes, the joke has racial undertones but hey, some jokes have racial undertones. Do I think he’s racist because he retweeted a joke with a racial undertone? No. There are definitely some jokes out there that if retweeted would make me think a person is racist but this is not one of them. This, to me, is a light and airy joke. Now, if he would have wrote the caption, I might have a different opinion.

    • Chris

      Actually the administrator is a woman and she said she retweeted that meme to her daughter, and she claims both her daughters had african american prom dates.

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