New map shows America’s most popular burger chains

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Which American burger chain has won the hearts and stomachs where you live? Or maybe it won allegiance based on wallets?

Thrilllist examined more than 20,000,000 Foursquare check-ins (a location based application where people leave tips and check in)  to see how many people eat what type of burger and where.

Click on the map below for a high-resolution version:

burger1 (1)

So does the map reflect your favorite? Hardee’s takes the win, followed by Five Guys and Burger King. Of course, that’s just based on people who use the app to check-in.


  • Slawson

    Blecgth!!!!!! to all of em! Try the place on Lakeside Ave. near Bryan Park, Richmond/Ginter Park area – “Roys Big Burger.!” Been in business for years . . . Great food, good people!

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