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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- CBS 6 legal expert Todd Stone called a Chesterfield judge's decision to let convicted sex offender Robert Dodd go free pending his sentencing unusual. But Stone added in the end -- that decision is left to the judge’s discretion.

The judge made the ruling after former Chesterfield Baseball Club coach Robert Dodd was found guilty of nine charges of sodomy, indecent liberties with a minor while in a custodial or supervisory role and aggravated sexual battery. The jury of 11 women and one man recommended Dodd serve 99 years in prison.

What surprised some viewers though, was the judge granted Dodd bond until his formal sentencing in February.

"The charges to begin with are considered violent in nature," Stone said. "So there's a presumption against bond even at the outset of all this. Once you’re found guilty though, a judge normally remands custody to the sheriff because the flight risk goes up dramatically."

Some of those who accused Dodd in the past were friends of Dodd’s stepson and on the same baseball team.

"It's devastating,” former Pony League baseball coach Bill Harding said.  "The whole situation is sad. I feel terrible for the children involved and for the guys and ladies out here coaching youth sports on a predominately volunteer basis. You hate to see it because they are mentors trying to help."

Dodd will have to report to a probation officer, has an 8 p.m. curfew, and cannot have contact with anyone under the age of 18.

In previous trials,  Dodd was acquitted on two prior sex charges which involved an intoxicated teenage girl.


  • Sarah

    So, what’s the name of this fine steward of the public trust? The judge’s name seems to not be mentioned in this article.

      • Doyle Hargraves

        No surprise, he has always been a joke on the bench. He would have given the Briley brother’s the same deal. Only an idiot wouldn’t try to flee with a 99 year sentence as a kiddie diddler hanging over his head.

  • Commando 804

    Please tell me you’re trolling. If you think that is funny, wait until the victim is your daughter or sister

  • Ms. Richmond

    Dumb butt head Timmy has spoken again with his six grade dropout peas brain comment. He must really got fool by a woman or maybe women is not what he pefer.

  • Paula

    Who let this piece of trash out on bond. For what? To run away or find another child to harm. I can’t believe how the court system work sometime. The ones that agree to let him out better pray that he don’t come near their daughters or granddaughters.

  • Sarah

    The judge just put a ‘bullseye’ on this guy’s back. He thinks that jail was rough, wait until the victim’s family gets ahold of him on the outside.

  • Brooke

    This is not justice. His crimes are unthinkable and he has been convicted. I can not believe the judge would be so apathetic to the dangers this man brings to our society.
    Timmy- maybe you are the kind of person who says dumb things to get attention??

    • brown162014

      Marie, I hate to tell you this since it will conflict significantly with your world view but I’m a Democrat and I believe Judge Stout was incredibly wrong to release Dodd. I also believe Stout should not be allowed to try another case, ever.

      Democrats are not all the same. Neither are Republicans.

      • marie

        This is a statement for Manlishi. He always says that dems are all the same as the comments when black people commit crime but he doesn’t do it when the perp is white.

  • bob

    Hey perv, better pull that lower lip up a little bit. “Nobody” in prison will feel sorry for you. They tend to get along better with hardened criminals, not child molesters like yourself.

  • Norma Earls

    According to the postings on FB from other victims’ family/friends, this conviction was for raping his son for 9+ years. He still awaits trial for raping other children. I’d really like to know what kind of images are uploaded/downloaded on the DIS-Honorable Walter Stout III’s computer(s).

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