59-year-old woman brutally attacked, robbed outside Richmond home

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RICHMOND, Va. -- A 59-year-woman was robbed and brutally attacked Monday night outside of her East End home.

It's a terrying experience that Fostina Hardin will never forget.

"He was on me before I knew anything," said Hardin.

She believes the suspect was hiding in a field across the street.

Moments later, she says he ran towards her and she heard his footsteps.

Hardin came face to face with a robber while removing some clothes from her car trunk.

"Empty out the whole car, empty out my pockets and everything," he told her, with a gun pointed at her head, she said.

Hardin said the suspect grabbed some loose change from the console.

And then he beat her savagely.  He knocked out Hardin's front and bottom teeth, and left her severely bruised in the face.

beaten 1Hardin said she managed to convince the robber not to shoot by talking him out of it.

"I actually didn't feel helpless or scared," said Hardin. "I was more mad than anything because he's a young black male and you're robbing me; and I haven't done anything."

She blacked out.  A neighbor called 911 and she was rushed to VCU Medical Center.

She said there's been a rash of robberies in this East End neighborhood.

Within a one-mile radius of Hardin's home, in 2013, there were 16 reported robberies from January 1 to Nov. 18.

But that number more than doubled, reaching 35, for the same time period in 2014.

robberies in the area

Richmond Police said that despite the jump in the number of robberies in the Greater Fulton neighborhood, violent crimes have dropped overall.

"We have seen a couple of groups of individuals that have committed some violent crimes in that area," said Lt. Daniel Minton, Richmond Police.

Lt. Daniel Minton calls such crimes, "crimes of opportunity," and encouraged residents to be careful.

"When you get home, look around, watch your surroundings; park in well-lit areas," said Lt. Minton.

And if you see something suspicious, call police right away.

Hardin said she feels violated right now.

"Very. I'm afraid to leave. But it's just making me, like, real jittery."

Richmond Police said they have several leads in this case. Anyone with information, should call Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.


  • Rosa Johnson

    somebody knows who this monster is. help police catch him before its your mother or grandmother next. supposed the gun had gone off and killed this lady. just think if it was someone you love. help protect the women in your neighborhood.

  • manlishi

    It’s way past time to bring back the gallows. It’s time to protect the citizens and crush society’s primal threats as well as those that protect any thug.

  • david

    she was more mad because “he was a black male”.so if she were white she would be ok with this thugs act.sound a little racist lady.She does realize blacks kill each other daily?

    • SMH

      There’s nothing racist about her comment. As a black woman she’s wondering why as an older black woman why is he attacking 1 of his own. Everybody tries using the RACE CARD . It’s easier than finding a solution.

      • BO

        In some places the young people are kept in line by the older ones about attacking old people.As you get older this could be your mom.Fulton has always been a toilet and until section 8 is outta there it always will be.

  • Crystal

    Im so tired of people thinking they can just take something from hard working people. Go get a phucking job!!!!!! I hope they catch his sorry a$$, whoever he is!!!!

  • JL

    If the crime rate is increasing what are the police doing about it? Where is the police patrols?! We had another neighbor mugged/robbed last night. What are you waiting for…someone to get killed over a few dollars?! RPD can you show your face other than when speeding thru our residential neighborhood?

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