Police announce press conference regarding missing teens Alexis Murphy and Samantha Clarke

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ORANGE COUNTY, Va. — Orange County officials plan to meet with the press on Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014, at 8 a.m., in regards to the search for missing teens Alexis Murphy and Samantha Clarke.

Murphy went missing from Nelson County on  August 3, 2013. Randy Taylor was convicted of her murder in May 2014, and sentenced to two life terms.

Murphy’s body has never been found. A new search will soon begin for her in Orange County.

Samantha Clarke went missing from Orange County in 2010.

It is also believed Randy Taylor had contact with her before she disappeared.

The press conference will be held at the Barboursville Volunteer Fire Department.


  • Rebecca

    We’ll there’s no way he just so happens to have a FACEBOOK UNDER Lj Matthew he could of deskies his name because he wheeled his victims online like Alexis ( Jesse Matthew is a loser and I know he abducted and killed her too. His car was there sure was no sign to me. Lj stands for Jesse Leroy boa learns duhhhh!!!!? Get it toghter. He drives a cab r u serious he all access to any women or man he wanted could of played like he help Sam to town and maybe her ride left I mean she was in sure intoxicated!!! He uses his soft voice as he was harmless to get the victims in his cab car or unless he strong arms them it’s common sense.

  • Barbara welcher

    I pray that they find both girls and so that the family’s can have some peace of mind my heart and prayers are with both family’s

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