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Violent crimes drop around nation, Richmond numbers remain high

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RICHMOND, Va. -- The Federal Bureau of Investigation released crime numbers for 2013, which shows violent crimes dropped nationwide by 4.4 percent.

Experts explain the drop in violent crime by crediting more security cameras and people using cellphones to record video.

In Central Virginia, per the FBI statistics, Richmond was number one for violent crimes.

The city did improve its numbers, which were down 21 in 2013, compared to 2012;  respectively 1,327  compared to 1,348.  The number of homicides were also down between the two years, with 37 in 2013 and 42 homicides in 2012.

rva crime stats

In 2013 in Chesterfield, violent crimes increased minimally between years, and  homicides in Chesterfield county stayed roughly the same as well. One statistic that stands out -- reported rapes in Chesterfield are higher than other counties, but reporting is not consistent each year.

In Henrico, violent crimes rose  in 2013 (586) compared to 2012 (545). The number of reported homicide stayed the same, with one less murder in 2013. Aggravated assaults increased significantly in the county.

Hanover saw an increase in aggravated assault, property crime, larceny theft and arson.

crime state rico and chesterfield
In a city of 200,000 people, some say there's bound to be crime.

"We have to be able to teach our folks how to resolve conflict without resorting to violence," said Charles Willis, the Executive Director of Citizens Against Crime.

"We don't take it lightly," said Willis,  who holds on to the hope that Richmond will be crime-free in the future.

Richmond Police said that some of  homicides reported in 2014 in South Richmond have been the result of conflict, domestic situations, and arguments inside the home.  And the crimes involved multiple victims. Police said some arrests were made and the cases were solved.  They said they are working closely with the community and faith-based leaders to stop the violence.

More than half of the 39 homicides in Richmond have been reported on the Southside.

Willis said he responds to the scene the moment he gets the tragic news.

"We are on the scene sometimes 3, 4, or 5 o'clock in the morning, to help the families get over the tragedy that just took place," said Willis.

Richmond employees the most officers, per capita. According to FBI statistics, and 2013 population estimates, there are approximately 34 officers per 10,000 residents. That's compared to approximately 15 for Chesterfield, 20 for Henrico and six for Hanover (per 10,000 residents).



  • Slawson

    I lived in Richmond for 21 years . . . just moved Nov. 2013. Am thinking about moving back . . . not because I don’t love where I live, but because of personal reasons and thinking family means more to me than the beauty and peacefulness of where I live. I still have Richmond news as a feed on my web page. Every stinkin day I see the turbulence of the area. It kinda makes me not want to go back (even though I have ties there). Sad. Very sad!!

    • Slawson

      I personally thought Dwight Norwood was doing a good job til he got tangled up with Chris Brown. I’m a 59-year old, white, single mother/woman who had a great career in the Edgeworth Building only 2-1/2 blocks from where I lived. I lived in Shockoe Bottom! Loved it . . . until stabbings, gun fire, thugs and the disrespectful came into the neighborhood. I could see Walnut Alley, Juleps and La Bamba from my windows. I could stay at home during the St. Patrick’s Day party and my dog would hide in the kitchen from the noise. It used to be great! It changed.

  • manlishi

    “Richmond numbers remain high” Obviously, democrats are slow learners. Yet they still defend their little Gomorrah and their leaders without reservation. Simple sheep.

  • Belsma

    Its’s a shame. I live in Bon Air, a stone throws from the city limits and I usually shop Forest Hill area because it’s close, but won’t go in the area after dark. The CVS, 7-11 and Baskin Robbins have been robbed recently. I love my location, and I don’t think I should feel scared to go on a Target run at 8 at night, but I do.

  • Jocko

    Crime is everywhere. It is a shame for example that one can not go somewhere after dark, but that is the way it is.
    Not sure any City in the USA is different.
    Just be smart when you go out

  • B ADDY

    And there is one obvious common denominator , but instead of people looking at the facts which are crystal clear, you will be called racist.

  • shelly

    With the exception of (r)ape and motor vehicle theft, crime in Richmond is down in all other categories. WTVR is always trying to stir up something. The video says crime’s down nationwide but not in Richmond. That’s not true. Crime in Richmond is down. No, its not by a big amount, but its down nonetheless. If but one is spared from crime, it’s a victory in my book.

  • mike

    I think the article is misleading. The crime is going down in Richmond; No matter how small. Are we talking about high numbers or are we talking about crime dropping? Richmond’s numbers dropping but high….Nation’s numbers dropping but high. WTVR – Home of much to do about nothing.

    • Brandon

      Yeah, I was reading earlier, and compared to just a decade ago, the crime rates has dropped. For murders alone Richmond hovered between 70 and 90 between 2000-2006, in 2007 it dropped to 51, now it haven’t crossed the 50 threshold yet. Of course with Richmond having the highest population in central Virginia it would stay at a high rate when compared with places like Ashland and Petersburg.

  • Ed

    The worst years were when richmond had 90+ murders a year and it was 1 one in the us or closs to it. That being said the area was 900,000 and now it is 1.3 mill so I gess that some progress 37 murrders last year. I remember the bad years. Also there seems to somthing going on event wise all the time now. Before when I was there it was boring and PEAPLE were very affrade of the city. So I think the area is doing better over all. It just needs to keep trying hard to fight crime.

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